Damian Lillard Calls Out Chris Paul, Promises Mixtape

Lance FreshFeatured ColumnistNovember 22, 2013

Every Friday on Instagram, the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year, Damian Lillard, challenges his followers to his #4BarFriday trend where they have to spit four of their best bars.

Many of the NBA's young stars like Paul George and Iman Shumpert have taken their talents to Lillard's #4BarFriday challenge, proving that they have the potential to spark another career in music.

While many have participated, Lillard is still waiting on one All-Star point guard to show off his flow.  

Watch now to hear Lillard call out Chris Paul and talk about how this trend started and what's next.

Have you taken part in this challenge yet?

What do you think of Lillard's flow?

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