WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Nov. 18

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 22, 2013


Eye candy of various types made up the majority of the week's best WWE-related tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos.

The Rock gave fans a glimpse of what he's up to these days. Brock Lesnar was a part of a remix. WWE's Divas, Xavier Woods, announce tables and Rey Mysterio were all social media stars this week as well.

When it comes to The Rock, WWE fans are mostly concerned about whether he will be healthy enough and/or willing to return to the ring once more. After years of being away from the business, "The Great One" headlined two straight WrestleManias.

Some folks are chanting The Rock's name in hopes of him making it three in a row.

In the meantime, he's busy making movies and looking like a badass. The Rock shared a poster-worthy shot of himself on the set of Fast & Furious 7.

With that movie franchise churning out sequels every few years, G.I. Joe 3 likely to come calling and reality show hosting duties being tossed his way, "The Brahma Bull" certainly doesn't need to wrestle, but that won't stop fans from hoping and speculating.

One of the rumored matches on tap for WrestleMania XXX was The Rock vs. Lesnar.

Lesnar hasn't been seen in the ring since SummerSlam, but he was the subject of one of the best WWE mashup videos around. His entrance song is fused with the music of former fellow "Paul Heyman Guy," Curtis Axel.

The result is a tune that stumbles on its own feet for about 40 seconds before smoothing out and thriving the rest of the way.

With Axel and Ryback no longer part of Heyman's crew, many fans are wondering who Heyman's next client will be. Once the conniving one returns to TV, he's sure to boost someone's career with his presence.

Will it be Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Paige from NXT or the main roster's newest addition, Woods?

Woods made his debut on Monday's Raw, prompting a run of jokes about his hair. The athletic Superstar sports a distinct hairstyle that had fans on Twitter comparing him to everyone from Eriq La Salle as Darryl in Coming to America to a dude from The Warriors.

The self-proclaimed nerd had no issues playing along.

For many, the biggest news coming from that episode of Raw was Mysterio's return. He stormed into the ring to help CM Punk and Daniel Bryan fight off an onslaught from various heels.

The high-flyer was later revealed as the mystery partner who will team with Cody Rhodes, Goldust and The Usos at Survivor Series. 

WWE shared a backstage shot of the former world champ on its Instagram page.

Photo from Instagram

Mysterio himself sent out a great photo of him and The Usos, adding a message for Umaga, Jimmy and Jey's late uncle.

Mysterio standing with his Survivor Series is a great sight, but it's tough to compete with a flight of Divas in short shorts and cowboy boots, though. The musical chairs segment on Monday's Raw was hard to watch, but fortunately, WWE extracted the most appealing factor of it and posted it on Instagram.

Nikki Bella's interesting take on western wear is worth a look at the very least.

Photo from Instagram

Kaitlyn shows off her new hair color, Eva Marie shows off her patriotism and Summer Rae shows off as much of her long legs as a PG rating will allow.

WWE also featured Summer Rae in the ongoing "Diva Day Off" series. Layla and Kaitlyn were showcased in previous editions of these photo shoots.

Summer Rae's photo gallery was certainly worth sharing via Twitter or otherwise.  

AJ Lee, one of the few women not decked out in western wear on Monday's Raw, makes her usual appearance on this list, thanks to her amusing reaction to Big E Langston winning the Intercontinental Championship on Monday's Raw.

A fan made fun of the newly crowned Langston's large pecs on Twitter, and he joined in on the joke.

The best WWE social media items weren't all jokes, sex appeal and movie references, though. WWE's YouTube channel was home to another top-10 countdown.

This time around, table smashes were the star.

Sabu, Shane McMahon and The Rock all made the cut. Which destructive announce table moments did they miss?

Sunday's Survivor Series is likely to feature another of these flesh and table collisions. The Shield have made their name by power-bombing folks through furniture, and Randy Orton will be looking to pay back Big Show for sending him crashing through a table.

The Divas, Axel and Mysterio will all be at the event as well, looking to create more moments and images worthy of spreading around the Internet.