4-Way Dream Match For Tag Team Of The Future

mike fentonContributor IMay 28, 2009

Let me start off that I've always been a fan of wrestling but for some reason, I've always loved tag team matches more.  There's more chances for innovation and originality and  there always every month seems to be a new team to give a chance.  And to be fair, i'm going 2 TNA and 2 WWE with this match up.

Alright well first off let's start with my favs and hometown heroes (well shelley is, sabin's from hell, MI) the MMCG, Motor City MachineGuns.  When they burst onto TNA as a tag team, they were crowd favorites with their creativity and cohesiveness (not so much anymore since TNA continues to misuse them since their inception).  Seems like every PPV they have something new to make the crowd go holy sh*t or that was awesome.  They have more original tag team moves than most tag teams combined and even have triple and quadruple team moves depending on other combatants.  At least for me, you always expect them to get the big push after every PPV, and it never comes.  although i have found one flaw in their style, a lot of their moves require their opponent(s) to be almost or as agile as they are (go back to MMCG/lethal vs 3D/devine feud).

it was hard for me to choose my second choice but i ultimately chose LAX over Beer Money for 2 reason against BM: 1. i don't see BM as a long term team as they both will probably go solo sooner or later and 2. they both were in teams for a long time opposite each other (America's Most Wanted and Team Canada). so LAX, quite possibly the greatest big/little combo ever assembled in a team.  while they do work great together, the brunt of their attack are solo moves.  hernandez is one of my fav big guys in wrestling cuz he can do it all pound, power, and fly.  homicide is one of the most dynamic, original, and all out/balls to the wall speedsters in wrestling.  although at times they kind of give me that booker t feel like every time i see them wrestle, i feel like I've already seen the match just with some little differences. even though they both hold feast or fired solo championship matches (TNA equivalent to money in the bank but there's one for every belt) i see them sticking around together for a long time, except probably a short stint in singles next year i would guess.

now for WWE picks:

first off i'm picking miz and morrsion.  yes i know they already were broken up and are on seperate "brands" now but i don't think it will last.  miz is too weak in the ring and morrison can cut promos but isn't a good live talker.  they both could do decent U.S./Intercontinental runs, but i think sooner or later WWE is gonna realize these guys could  be the next Rated RKO/edge&christian given the proper time, place, and opponents.  they have a flow about them that is second to none.  however, each of their weaknesses is ever to apparent.

and the others im taking primo and carlito.  they have all the pros of the MMCG of being innovative together and singular.  they can make a match versus anyone interesting and can sell every move just as well as the top dogs.   their mic and promo skills are very fluctuating though, one night they can be great, others they can bomb.  despite being billed as brothers, there just seems to be some kind of unspoken, unseen rift between them that at least i cant explain.


there we go, there's my match that will never happen. say what you will, i'm done.