Lithuanian Soccer Is Hilarious According to Very Funny Fail Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 21, 2013

Stay hilarious, Lithuania. 

According to a video posted on YouTube by Rokas Burokas and spotted by The Big Lead's Mike Cardillo, we are all watching entirely not enough Lithuanian football games. 

And by we, I mean everyone, planet Earth, any sentient beings and just about anything with a mere passing interest in soccer. 

Now we can't say with certainty whether every last video used in this crazy compilation is from Lithuania, so we welcome any information you all might have. 

We do have this from Burokas who uploaded the video, "Yes, we are not Premier league, La Liga or Serie A, but we have to offer something different!"

Well, you offer something different and really quite priceless. Oh, we have seen magical goals and wonder saves aplenty, but it's rare when you see two teammates fight so passionately that one is sent off with straight red. 

It's not every day that you get to see own goals that make you cheer rather than cringe, or celebrations that fail before they even begin. 

As Cardillo mentions, the save accomplished by a patch of mud was featured in a previous TBL article. That magical moment came when Žalgiris Vilnius and Kruoja Pakruojis met earlier this month

It seems that even random areas of soggy dirt can get in on the action in Lithuania, making us wonder if this is the most entertaining league in the world. To which we have to answer quickly and with confidence, "Yes!"

Now we hit the play button for the 15th time, raise our glasses and toast a league that features balls that never go in unless you don't mean them to and keepers whose frustration is our reward. 

This league only seems like it's the worst, because it's actually the best. 


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