Introducing the New Squawka App, Football's Ideal Second-Screen Companion

Sam TigheWorld Football Tactics Lead WriterNovember 21, 2013

Squawka, a footballing statistics website, have today released their long-awaited app—dubbed the ideal second-screen companion while watching the game.

For the past year, their website has been a go-to destination for all your statistical needs, as they produce passing graphics, tackling rates and much, much more free of charge.

The app, also free, takes their mission to become the nexus of data-driven football to the next level, combining a smooth look with ultimate accessibility and unlimited depths to explore.

"We want to be part of every footballing conversation," explained co-founder Sanjit Atwal when we visited Squawka's offices for a sneak peek. "The goal is for fans to be able to let Squawka in on the debate."

In transferring almost every aspect of their dedicated website into app format they've done just that, as fans can now check statistics, monitor player progress and even settle arguments by pulling out their phone.

You could be on the terraces and wondering if a certain midfielder has completed even single pass one afternoon—pull out the app and check his pass completion percentage.

You could be sat on the sofa and feel the need to find a striker's conversion rate after he missed what feels like his umpteenth chance—check Squawka, they'll tell you.

The app can produce a passing graph for Michael Carrick, tell you how many tackles Fabian Delph has missed and show you what formation a team is playing at the press of a button. It updates on a real-time basis over the course of a 90-minute match.


Perhaps the portion of the app Atwal is most proud of is the Squawka rankings system, whereby your device can pull in, for example, the pass accuracy percentage of every Bundesliga player so far this season and produce a top 10.

Did you know Pontus Wernbloom leads the Russian Premier League with 52 successful tackles (at the time of writing)? We didn't, but within 10 seconds of launching the app that statistic was staring us in the face.

There's something in it for everyone—beginners, seasoned veterans, journalists or casual fans—and it represents the perfect analysis tool pregame, mid-game and postgame.

That it's easy to navigate is quite the achievement given the volume of data hidden inside, and Squawka's commitment to bringing the public more data than the pundits would ever dream of has been stepped up yet another notch with the arrival of this app.


To download the app, visit or search "Squawka" in the iTunes app store. Quotes from Sanjit Atwal obtained first-hand.