Barcelona vs. Manchester United Result : 10 Points To Think About

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IMay 28, 2009

10. Okay, Messi is known to have a low center of gravity, but how high can he leap?

9. Was Christiano Ronaldo's not diving as much as he used to, a factor in United's loss?

8. So why exactly was Berbatov bought, and are you going to buy Tevez for $30 million too?

7. Will Liverpool fans be as happy as Barcelona fans?

6. If you want to defeat Barcelona and you are not as good as Barcelona, is the Chelsea way the best way?

5. What chewing gum does Fergie use? It seems to last for the whole duration of the game!

4. Was Henry talking about his ex-club, or talking in general, when he said "You always remember winners, that's the difference. You can play good football, pass the ball well but unless you win silverware sometimes it doesn't count," after the game?

3. Did Pep Guardiola just set the best record for the best rookie coach?

2. When you are going to face Barcelona, never wear a Real Madrid White, no?

1. Platini doesn't look so evil when he is smiling, does he?