Fantasy Football Week 12: Updated Trade Value for Top 100 Players

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Fantasy Football Week 12: Updated Trade Value for Top 100 Players
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In most leagues, trade deadlines are approaching quickly (or have even taken place). Now is the time to scramble and make those final trades that will impact your run to the fantasy football playoffs. 

Sure, you may not make a deal as impactful as trading Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder (sorry, wrong sport, but who saw that one coming?), per Jon Heyman of, but the last thing you need in the final weeks is a trade that completely sinks your team while the players you sent away continue to flourish. 

But never fear, my wheeling and dealing fantasy comrades, for my fantasy trade value chart is here to steer you in the right direction. Utilize the tool below, and you are guaranteed to get solid value in any trades. 

Notes: The top 100 players were determined by using the current ESPN standard-scoring league rankings, calculating each player's "value over replacement player" (VORP for short) and by projecting a player's value for the rest of the season.

VORP was calculated by determining how many additional (or fewer) points per week a player scores compared to the best bench player at his position in 10-team leagues (No. 11 quarterback and tight end; No. 26 running back and wide receiver, taking the flex into account). Games missed due to injury or suspension count against a player's VORP.

Any player not listed has a trade value of one. Remember, this is only a guide—your team needs and areas of strength should always determine any potential trades.


Week 13 Trade Value for Quarterbacks
Rank Position Rank Player Team VORP Trade Value
1 1 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos 9.8 30
8 2 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints 6.9 28
16 3 Matt Stafford Detroit Lions 4.4 25
31 4 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers 2.3 21
32 5 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts 2.3 21
45 6 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers 1.9 17
46 7 Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys 1.7 17
47 8 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks 1.0 17
48 9 Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles -2.9 17
56 10 Robert Griffin III Washington 0.8 14
57 11 Tom Brady New England Patriots -1.2 14
85 12 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons 0 5
86 13 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers -0.3 5
95 14 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers -2.1 2
96 15 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals -0.4 2
97 16 Alex Smith Kansas City Chiefs -0.9 2

Quarterback Notes

Rob Carr/Getty Images

At this point, the quarterback rankings are pretty much set in stone from one to eight, but at nine is where it gets interesting. Nick Foles has been brilliant as the Philadelphia Eagles starter this season, especially from a fantasy perspective, as he's scored 21 or more fantasy points in four of five starts.

But let's say you already have another excellent quarterback option but added Foles for depth earlier in the year and now can afford to sell him high to improve your team. What could you expect to get in return? 

  • Pierre Thomas and Michael Floyd
  • Marques Colston and Andre Ellington
  • Larry Fitzgerald and Donald Brown
  • Eric Decker and Joique Bell
  • Tony Gonzalez and Golden Tate

Robert Griffin III has been excellent the past two weeks, but in general he's been inconsistent from a fantasy perspective throughout the year, lowering his value. Meanwhile, Tom Brady remains a speculative buy, albeit one with plenty of upside as he has all of his weapons healthy once again. 

And finally, Ben Roethlisberger cracks the list this week after his 31-point performance against the Detroit Lions over the weekend. Big Ben is pretty hit-or-miss with the big performances, but he puts up decent enough points on a weekly basis to give him value. 

Running Backs

Week 12 Trade Value for Running Backs
Rank Position Rank Player Team VORP Trade Value
3 1 Matt Forte Chicago Bears 8.3 28
4 2 Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs 8.2 28
5 3 Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks 8.0 28
6 4 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings 7.8 28
7 5 LeSean McCoy Philadelphia Eagles 7.7 28
12 6 Knowshon Moreno Denver Broncos 6.5 26
13 7 Frank Gore San Francisco 49ers 4.8 26
14 8 Alfred Morris Washington 4.5 26
20 9 Chris Johnson Tennessee Titans 4.4 24
21 10 Reggie Bush Detroit Lions 4.3 24
22 11 Eddie Lacy Green Bay Packers 3.2 24
23 12 Zac Stacy St. Louis Rams 1.1 24
33 13 Giovani Bernard Cincinnati Bengals 2.7 20
34 14 Stevan Ridley New England Patriots 1.9 20
35 15 DeMarco Murray Dallas Cowboys 1.7 20
41 16 Le'Veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers 0.6 18
42 17 Ben Tate Houston Texans -1.6 18
43 18 Chris Ivory New York Jets -1.8 18
44 19 Andre Brown New York Giants -4.7 18
54 20 Fred Jackson Buffalo Bills 2.9 15
55 21 Pierre Thomas New Orleans Saints 1.4 15
63 22 Ryan Mathews San Diego Chargers 1.3 12
64 23 Danny Woodhead San Diego Chargers 1.0 12
65 24 Maurice Jones-Drew Jacksonville Jaguars 0.5 12
66 25 DeAngelo Williams Carolina Panthers 0.4 12
67 26 Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens -0.1 12
72 27 Rashad Jennings Oakland Raiders 0.1 10
73 28 Shane Vereen New England Patriots -5.1 10
74 29 Darren Sproles New Orleans Saints 0 9
75 30 Bobby Rainey Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2.8 9
91 31 Donald Brown Indianapolis Colts -0.6 3
92 32 Andre Ellington Arizona Cardinals 0 3
93 33 Joique Bell Detroit Lions 1.5 3

Running Back Notes

Oddly enough, there has been a recent influx of steady options at the running back position, a fairly rare occurrence this late in the season. Look at all of the fantasy options that have emerged:

  • Chris Ivory has seized the running back position for the New York Jets and been excellent in the process.
  • Andre Brown has returned from injury and been a steady producer.
  • Pierre Thomas has been consistent enough for the New Orleans Saints to trust in fantasy on a weekly basis.
  • Zac Stacy is the waiver-wire MVP.
  • Ben Tate has picked up where Arian Foster left off. Ditto for Rashad Jennings in Oakland.
  • Bobby Rainey—who the hell saw that coming?
  • Shane Vereen has returned from injury and fulfills the Darren Sproles role for the New England Patriots.
  • Donald Brown has upended Trent Richardson as the running back to own in Indianapolis.

Given how shaky the position has been this year, you could hardly fault owners for stashing any and all running backs or for being reluctant to deal any. It's pretty unlikely you'll pry a top-15 runner away from an owner unless he has crazy depth at the position, especially at this point in the season. 

Wide Receiver

Week 12 Trade Value for Wide Receivers
Rank Position Rank Player Team VORP Trade Value
2 1 Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions 9.0 29
11 2 Demaryius Thomas Denver Broncos 6.4 27
17 3 Brandon Marshall Chicago Bears 5.1 25
18 4 A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals 4.5 25
19 5 DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles 4.8 25
24 6 Andre Johnson Houston Texans 4.3 23
25 7 Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys 4.1 23
26 8 Josh Gordon Cleveland Browns 2.2 23
27 9 Jordy Nelson Green Bay Packers 5.0 22
28 10 Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers 4.5 22
29 11 Wes Welker Denver Broncos 3.5 22
30 12 Vincent Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3.0 22
37 13 T.Y. Hilton Indianapolis Colts 2.1 19
38 14 Victor Cruz New York Giants 2.4 19
39 15 Alshon Jeffery Chicago Bears 2.9 19
40 16 Pierre Garcon Washington 2.3 19
49 17 Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals 0.8 16
50 18 Eric Decker Denver Broncos 1.5 16
51 19 Torrey Smith Baltimore Ravens 1.6 16
52 20 Riley Cooper Philadelphia Eagles 1.1 16
53 21 Marques Colston New Orleans Saints -1.6 16
58 22 Denarius Moore Oakland Raiders 0.7 13
59 23 Harry Douglas Atlanta Falcons 0.1 13
60 24 Terrance Williams Dallas Cowboys 0 13
61 25 Danny Amendola New England Patriots -4.1 13
62 26 Jarrett Boykin Green Bay Packers -2.8 13
76 27 Rueben Randle New York Giants 0 8
77 28 Anquan Boldin San Francisco 49ers -0.1 8
78 29 Keenan Allen San Diego Chargers -0.1 8
79 30 Percy Harvin Seattle Seahawks -7.6 8
88 31 Golden Tate Seattle Seahawks -0.4 4
89 32 Steve Smith Carolina Panthers -1.0 4
91 33 Cecil Shorts Jacksonville Jaguars -1.0 4
99 34 Jerricho Cotchery Pittsburgh Steelers 1.1 2
100 35 Michael Floyd Arizona Cardinals 0.3 2

Wide Receiver Notes

Calvin Johnson is this close to being the most valuable player in all of fantasy football, as his 112 fantasy points in the past four weeks is as many points as Wes Welker—the 10th-ranked receiver this year, mind you—has the entirety of the 2013 season. 

That's insane. Absolutely insane. My guess is that the owner of Megatron has fared very, very well over the past month. 

There aren't many surprises at the top of the trade value chart for wide receivers, but one player who has seen his value dip slightly is Dez Bryant, with a total of 10 fantasy points in the past two games. Let's say you don't trust his usage in the Dallas Cowboys offense and are fed up with Bryant being so touchdown reliant this season—what could you expect to get in return if you traded him?

It's really hard to know Percy Harvin's trade value at this point—he has just one reception for 17 yards on the season, after all, and he's not playing this week as Seattle is on a bye—but you probably won't have to give up a ton to get him given the uncertainty.

He's a player that should produce upon his return, but to what degree remains unknown. If you can afford to add a player that won't even start this week, he's an intriguing target. 

Tight Ends

Week 12 Trade Value for Tight Ends
Rank Position Rank Player Team VORP Trade Value
9 1 Jimmy Graham New Orleans Saints 7.5 27
10 2 Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots -2.1 27
15 3 Julius Thomas Denver Broncos 5.0 26
36 4 Vernon Davis San Francisco 49ers 3.5 20
68 5 Jordan Cameron Cleveland Browns 2.9 11
69 6 Tony Gonzalez Atlanta Falcons 1.3 11
70 7 Charles Clay Miami Dolphins 1.0 11
71 8 Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys 0.8 11
80 9 Greg Olsen Carolina Panthers 0.3 7
81 10 Martellus Bennett Chicago Bears 0 7
82 11 Jordan Reed Washington 0 7
83 12 Delanie Walker Tennessee Titans 0.2 7

Tight End Notes

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

There is good and bad news for Jimmy Graham owners. The good news is that his usage was up quite a bit this past weekend, and he looked as spry as we've seen him in weeks. The bad news is that he's probably once again touchdown reliant in his fantasy production, as he still isn't anywhere close to 100 percent.

Meanwhile, Rob Gronkowski is back to his dominant ways and gets bumped way up the value chart because of it, now on the same level as Graham. He now has 11 or more points in three of his four games since returning from injury, so he's locked and loaded as an elite option at the position.

Ditto for Julius Thomas, who has scored 10 touchdowns this season and has found the end zone in eight of 10 games. He's no flash in the pan, either—his role in this Denver offense is secure.

One player spiraling down the value rankings, however, is Jordan Cameron, who has not produced at all with Jason Campbell under center. It's time to sell, sell, sell on Cameron before his value bottoms out. What can you expect to get in return for the Cleveland tight end?

Spoiler alert—not much.

  • Ben Roethlisberger and the Kansas City Chiefs defense/special teams 
  • Colin Kaepernick and Darren Sproles
  • Keenan Allen and the Cincinnati Bengals defense/special teams
  • Greg Olsen and Cecil Shorts
  • Andy Dalton and Bobby Rainey

Delanie Walker makes the rankings this week, as he has proven to have excellent chemistry with backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. After the top 12, however, the position really loses all value, and if you don't have one of the top options, you are in trouble. 

Defense/Special Teams

Week 12 Trade Value for Defense/Special Teams
Rank Position Rank Team VORP Trade Value
84 1 Kansas City Chiefs 6.5 6
87 2 Carolina Panthers 3.9 5
89 3 Seattle Seahawks 3.7 4
94 4 Cincinnati Bengals 3.7 3

Defense/Special Team Notes

John Grieshop/Getty Images

This week, the Cincinnati Bengals replace the San Francisco 49ers in the value rankings, both due to a huge Week 11 and because the Niners have tricky matchups against Washington and Seattle in the next three weeks.

The Chiefs lose some value after they were overwhelmed by the Denver Broncos, a team they again face next week. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers remain an excellent option, though their streak of seven consecutive games with double-digit fantasy points was broken against New England this past weekend. 

The bottom line is this—if you have one of these four defenses, you are getting amazing value at the position. Continue to enjoy the ride. 

Hit me up on Twitter—I'll answer your fantasy lineup questions, tweet random fantasy musings and lament Ray Rice producing the week I finally benched him. 

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