Iman Shumpert Inexplicably Fouls Paul George on 3-Pointer with Knicks Up 3

Matthew SchmidtFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2013

via ESPN

The New York Knicks held an 89-86 lead over the Indiana Pacers with 5.2 seconds to go.

To foul or not to foul?

Well, Iman Shumpert fouled...but not how you would expect. 

Unfortunately for the Knicks, the foul was not on the floor, nor was it intentional. As the Pacers' Paul George rose up to take a three, Shumpert grazed his elbow with his fingers and was whistled for the personal.

It was a controversial call, especially at that stage of the game, but nevertheless, George went to the line and hit all three free throws.

The Pacers went on to beat the Knicks in OT, 103-96.