Four People Who Can Help LeBron Win

Jersey ChaserContributor IIMay 28, 2009

Its obvious: LeBron needs some help out there, somebody, anybody to help take some of the load off of his shoulders. And LeBron doesn’t need much…as a matter of fact, just about any player who is breathing will do.

So what we did was come up with a list of five players, who LeBron could play with and take to the Finals.

(1) Jason McElwain for Mo Williams: This is that special retarded kid who hit six six-pointers in the last game of the season back in 2006, because at least with him, you know you got someone who can hit the wide open jumper.

(2) Matt Scott for Delonte West: This dude is like the Kobe Bryant of wheelchair basketball. He’s been in the paraplegic league since he was 18. Bottom line is, he gets buckets and he has a killer first step, or push off, or whatever they call it.

(4) Rodney Rogers for Anderson: Rodney is sitting up, paralyzed from the neck down from his motorcycle accident, but he still can play D and give you some rebound put backs off his head.

(5) Candace Parker for Big Z: Yeah, we know, she just had a baby a couple of weeks ago, but we say she can go harder in the paint than Big Z right now. Plus, her handle and jumper are way sweeter than his.