ESPN's 'Sports Science' Segment Dissects Monday Night's Controversial Call

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Nothing is over until John Brenkus has a final say on the matter. 

Now, now, we know many of you had opinions on the final play in the New England Patriots' 24-20 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Monday night, but Larry Brown Sports spotted what should be the final throes of this past weekend's most controversial NFL call. 

Many of you saw Tom Brady toss a last-ditch attempt into the end zone, targeting Rob Gronkowski. Gronk was being held up by Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, though. Carolina's Robert Lester came underneath on the play to intercept the underthrown ball to end the game. 

A flag was thrown, a brief confab was had and no penalty was assessed. That's when the entire nation devolved into a "harumph!" shouting match (link NSFW) and Brady generally lost his mind

It was really rather wonderful, actually. 

At this point, many NFL fans have delved deep into their own research on the no-call decision. The better part of the early week seemed to have been inundated with debate on that call and whether it was the right one. Bleacher Report's own Michael Schottey and ESPN's Kevin Seifert are just a couple of opinions on the matter.

Well, it's time to let Brenkus and ESPN's Sports Science crew have some fun with the play. What they found might shock you. 

It seems that Gronkowski may have been able to make a play on the ball, but perhaps not. Well, there's a chance anyway. 

And that is what numbers, math, science and the sports warlock of wisdom, Brenkus, have to say about it all. 

So if someone asks you if Gronk could have won the game, you stick your chest out and scream with certainty, "Maybe!"

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