The Lack Of Luck Of The Irish

Lamar BoltonContributor IMay 27, 2009

This past Tuesday , I was highly irritated about the show on the Sci Fi network. I realize that the Angle is Tommy Dreamer is on his way out but what i have the real problem with is why throw finlay under the bus to have the standard three way dance when you could have a much more interesting four way elimination match . Three way and four ways are wastes of time on TV and on PPV because they don't prove who the best man is. elimination matches are more definitive and where another reason that the real ECW still carrys more weight then this version that sprouted out of Vince's mind.

This is Dreamer's thing , he may or may not be retiring , he is the last of the originals that Vince hasn't runoff . He deserves a good program whether he's leaving or not. But take a look at what Finlay has done over his career and more important what he has done for the WWE.

When the WWE swallowed up wcw, Finlay was still dealing with a very serious leg injury that kept him out of the ring for quite a long time . But out of this came one of the greatest women's champions since Moulah. Trish Stratus was just your average WWE eye candy that had a lot of raw  talent but no skill to show. It was Finlay training her and the other women at the time that was the creation of the Diva's . Trish Stratus owes a great deal to The "Quiet Man" and she really isn't the only one.

Way back in the day I use to be able on a Saturday morning to catch WCW on one channel and then an hour later , i would catch the WWF and their show . one rainy Saturday I tuned in to channel nine and was  greeted with two guys in what looked like a Junkyard facing off against each other . It turned out to be Steven Regal and Fit Finlay in one of the most brutal  matches i have ever seen to this day.

In short , what I'm trying to say is, it wont kill you to let the man hold a big title for a few weeks .