Dwight Howard Discusses Strategy on 'Sesame Street'; Exit Strategies Not Covered

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 20, 2013

Sesame Street used their vast drawing power to recently lock down a cameo with one of history's greatest tacticians. 

No, it wasn't Napoleon or Alexander the Great (though both would have been amazing finds for a morning children's show). It wasn't even the genius who thought up the 1990s' wonderful Friday night TGIF programming. It was master strategist Dwight Howard, talking about, well, strategy (h/t Pro Basketball Talk).

The sound you hear is champagne bottles being popped over how wonderful this is. 

Now, to be fair, I am a big Howard guy. I think, for the most part, he's received a bad rap over merely doing what is right for him. You wouldn't be held accountable for switching cities for a job that better suited your needs. 

However, there is something so Funny or Die or The Onion about this video. I really half expected Elmo and Howard to break character when talking about strategy. 

It almost seems like Howard is going to delve into a 15-minute discussion on how to properly leave a city while burning every bridge around town. 

Instead, the Houston Rockets big man goes on to properly define the term strategy: "A strategy is a plan to help solve a problem."

He continued, "I use a strategy when I play basketball." Although, he failed to highlight his masterful tactics of running around the court to escape being fouled at the end of games. 

Well, that's enough giving this particular center a hard time. His Rockets are winners of three straight and Howard, for his part, is tops in the league in rebounding (13.9 RPG) and fourth in blocks (2.42 BLKPG). 

Let's all just be thankful he isn't holding daytime classes on the fine art of free-throw shooting. 


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