Sports Reporter Gets Trampled by HS Football Players Running Out of Tunnel

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterNovember 20, 2013

Sometimes you just need to get out of the way.

A sports reporter had a close encounter with a herd of stampeding high school football players after placing himself directly in the path of their pregame field-storming ritual (skip to 1:00 mark for the bull rush).

The reporter in question was David Amador, according to Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead. Amador is the founder of High School Sports Magazine—an award-winning publication that focuses on Texas high school sports. 

He has been at this reporting gig for some time now, but judging by this video, it would appear that he’s yet to nail down a safe vantage point from which to take in certain pregame routines.

While details on its exact date remain in question, this footage was taken sometime this season during a Harlingen Cardinals home game. The reporter was walking the sidelines recording footage of the players as they stuffed their way into a gigantic inflatable helmet. 

All the signs of an imminent barnstorming were there. Flags were prepped; smoke was wafting through the air. In other words, they weren’t preparing a song-and-dance routine. 

Amador knew this. He set up shop directly in front of the tunnel deliberately, looking to get some awesome footage of the forthcoming flood.

Unfortunately for him, however, the players at the back of the helmet-tunnel had no idea a man would be crouching in the middle of their charge onto the gridiron.

The Cardinals rushed directly at Amador, and to their credit, the first few waves of players managed to avoid him.

And then big No. 72 showed up.

A giant, red and white juggernaut, No. 72 came into Amador’s shot—and he came in like a wrecking ball. 

The reporter tumbled about, the world upended, and the giggling began.

Amador emerged from the bulldozing unscathed and laughing. And why shouldn’t he? He’s clearly a mad man. And he loves this stuff.


All No. 72 wanted was to break your walls/lens.