Bottom of the Barrel: How the Atlanta Braves Will Get Back to the Top

Dee WilcoxAnalyst IApril 19, 2008

A month into the MLB season and the Braves are back at the bottom, three games behind the Marlins. But have no fear, you're about to see a Braves team you havent seen before.

You're asking yourself right now how does this guy know this. Well i don't, but I can give you reasons why. Starting with injuriess, they have already started taking a toll with Hampton and Moyan on the DL plus Glavine pitching tenderly with a hamstring injury. Look for all of them to return soon, and give the already decent pitching staff a kick.

Outstanding players are the key to the Braves success right now. Chipper Jones, Mark Texeira, and Brian McCann have had big nights this week.

In an 8-0 win against Florida those three players hit back-to-back-to-back home runs. You cant deny the fact that they are the main keys driving the bravos.

What needs to happen is the Braves have to come together and have a strong May to carry into the summer months. Bobby Cox wont let his team fall into a losing routine.

After last night's 6-1 victory over the Dodgers, the Braves look to finish up April with this weekend series at home against the Dodgers. Then they will play two-game series with Florida and Washington at home before traveling to New York for a three-game weekend series against the Mets.

Look for the braves to finish out strong and carry the big "mo" into May and on deeper into the season.

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