Lakers-Celtics Revisited

dave whiteheadContributor IApril 19, 2008

It's been 20 years.

Growing up in the '80s was wonderful. We had the Golden Age of Hip-Hop; BDP, Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Kane, Rakim...and the Golden Age for the NBA. I can remember racing home from church on Sunday afternoons to catch the NBA on NBC. It was always either the Lakers or Celtics, or the Lakers and Celtics.

The Celtics or Lakers represented in the Finals every year in the 80's. In '92 it all went downhill, though. Magic had to retire, Bird was finished, and a new breed of talent took over the NBA. MJ to be precise!

A few years after the dark ages of Bulls domination, the Lakers signed Shaq, and all was right with the world again. To quote the D,O, double G, Y, to the D, O, double G...

"We had Superman and Batman on the same muthaf*ckin team!"

It was too good to be true however, and the divorce of Shaq and Kobe sent the league into another dark time. Namely, the Spurzzz.

It has been only through the emergence of these new-look Lakers that the league is staring to pick up again. Bynum, when healthy, can be a perennial All Star, L.O. is one of the most versatile players in the land, and our bench is among the best as well. 

Add in K.G and Ray Ray going to the Celtics, and it looks like it could be '87-'88 all over again.  

I hope for my sake and the leagues, that this matchup occurs in the the Finals this year, and for many to come. The NBA enjoyed its greatest successes in the '80s with these two great teams dominating throughout.