Full Preview for WWE Main Event Featuring Miz and Kofi Kingston

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2013


This is the final Main Event before Survivor Series. That means two things: We will have a lot of video packages to hype the major feuds, and most of the matches will be throw-aways.

This week features the usual three-match setup. The first match is the one that usually gets the "Main Event" label on this show, but this week's opener certainly doesn't seem like the top match on the card.

Maybe WWE is getting away from the first match being the biggest, but either way it's obvious they have gotten away from the "main-event-quality match every week" concept.

Usually we get a break from the usual storylines on Main Event, but this week's show appears to feature two matches that both address current storylines.

Let's take a look at the matches that are scheduled for the show, spoiler free.


Tamina vs. Naomi

This Lumberjill match will most likely feature all the Divas set for the big seven-on-seven Divas match that will take place at Survivor Series.

This match has the potential to have some highlights. Naomi is very physical in the ring, and when combined with the pedigree of Tamina you end up with a good pairing.

The odds of this match lasting more than one segment are slim, and it will probably break down into a big brawl before the match is over.

But that's what these kinds of matches are for. This is a match solely for the purpose of storyline, and therefore must be taken as is and not expected to be anything special.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Santino

This match will not be a clinic or even a hard-fought contest. This match will be a squash in just about every sense of the word.

Del Rio is a top star in a world title match at Survivor Series. Santino is WWE's resident comedy character. Can you really see this playing out any other way than Del Rio destroying Santino?

This is one of those matches where you don't even need to read a spoiler. The winner if obvious just from looking at who is involved. The only question is how brutal will Del Rio's onslaught be?


Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango w/ Miz on commentary

Miz turned heel on Monday by turning on Kofi Kingston during a match and leaving him high and dry. This not only looks to be the start of a heel turn, but also the start of a new feud.

Miz will sit in on commentary for this match, and odds are good that he will get involved in some way.

Fandango and Kofi will probably have the most entertaining match of the night. Both men are incredibly athletic, and their styles have just the right mix of similarities and differences.

Picking a winner without reading spoilers might be hard. Kofi seems like the obvious choice to win, but if Miz gets involved it could go either way.

Which match are you looking forward to seeing the most?


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