Top 5 Contenders for Big E Langston's Intercontinental Title

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2013

Top 5 Contenders for Big E Langston's Intercontinental Title

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    As he stood mid-ring, hand raised in victory, WWE Superstar Big E Langston drank in the news that the entire audience already had.

    He was the new WWE Intercontinental champion.

    And with that result, the WWE Universe finally got the "Big Ending" that it had been waiting for.

    In ending former champion Curtis Axel's five-month title reign, Langston has now secured a spot as one of the main attractions of the company.

    And while Langston can now let down his guard in his quest for a first championship run, he now must watch his back, because the young Superstar now has a giant target on his back.

    Now the question remains as to who exactly will make an attempt to pierce that target, as many Superstars will scramble to be the one to prevent a happy ending to Langston's fairy tale.

Bray Wyatt

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    Wyatt is sinister, intriguing and, most importantly, immensely talented.

    Currently embroiled in a feud with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and others, we may soon see Wyatt shift his focus to the prize around Langston’s waist. And he has the wrestling ability and calculating manner to somehow overcome the vast strength advantage that the champ would have over him.

    Furthermore, Wyatt has two intangibles working in his favor: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, and they can be unleashed any time he wishes.

    And all of that may lead to us all following the buzzards to see Wyatt standing over a prone Langston, having just stolen the Intercontinental title away from the burly youngster.

Curtis Axel

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    Axel is the former champion, having just been defeated by Langston earlier this week. It stands to reason that he will be invoking a rematch clause in the near future, but he may not get the result that he seeks.

    While Axel may offer a great pedigree and a decent look, without Paul Heyman in his corner, his push will likely fizzle quickly, and he may be relegated to a less important place on the WWE roster.

    However, a showdown with Langston could change that, as turning in a good showing against the new champion could earn Axel a long-term spot as a featured Superstar on WWE programming. It could also serve to jump-start his finally living up to his birthright, which the WWE Universe has been waiting for him to fulfill for years.

Damien Sandow

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    After failing in his quest to secure the World Heavyweight title from new champion John Cena, Sandow has been on a vicious streak that befits a man with nothing to lose. And while it stands to reason that Sandow may eventually end up being involved in the World title picture, it leaves him with no real direction at the moment.

    And that may not bode well for Langston, who, while incredibly powerful and intimidating, may lack the killer instinct that Sandow has been displaying of late.

    And while many may factor in his loss to Dolph Ziggler on Raw as a reason for Sandow to fall out of any possible title picture, don't let that fool you. He is looking to make himself a major player for a long time to come, potentially beginning with gunning for the Intercontinental title.



Roman Reigns

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    Right now, Reigns is serving as a pawn in whatever chess game The Authority is currently playing. But how intriguing it would be to see him square off one-on-one with the newly crowned Intercontinental champion.

    The two are both major powerhouses and are capable of creating a major buzz simply by showcasing their separate arrays of vicious power moves.

    If Langston is the irresistible force, then Reigns in the immovable object.

    Gorilla Monsoon would be proud.

The Miz

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    With his recent change in attitude, and his turn on tag team partner Kofi Kingston, Miz went from face to heel in just a matter of moments.

    It is likely that he will enter into a quick feud with Kingston due to his double-cross, but after that, his dance card looks completely empty. Placing him back into a title picture, albeit one of the less prestigious ones, would serve to return the former WWE champion to prominence, something that he has been looking to do since losing the title in May 2011.

    The Miz certainly has the skills to take the title away from Langston, but the young champion can match the craftiness of the wily veteran with brute force and a distinct size advantage. In addition, a feud with an established former champion could serve to elevate Langston to a more important spot on the roster, as a monster face is something that the company is currently lacking outside of the Big Show.