Chris Webber's Three Keys to Heat-Hawks Game Are Absolutely Perfect

Andy Bailey@@AndrewDBaileyFeatured ColumnistNovember 19, 2013


LeBron wake up.

LeBron get on bus.

LeBron show up to game.

Those were NBA TV analyst Chris Webber's keys to the game for the Miami Heat against the Atlanta Hawks. Webber's analysis looks to be on point when you consider the way LeBron James has been playing this season.

After Tuesday night's win over the Hawks, LeBron is now averaging 26 points while shooting 61 percent from the field and 51.7 percent from three-point range.

Wait, what? 

We've heard about the 50/40/90 club. Is there such a thing as the 60/50 club? This is outrageous.

In NBA history, no player has ever attempted at least one three-pointer per game and posted such lofty percentages. Two guys are doing it early in the 2013-14 season—James and Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors.

It seems more sustainable for LeBron, who shot over 40 percent from three last season and has improved his shooting percentage in each of the last eight years.

Tuesday night, LBJ only shot the ball 13 times and finished with a season-low 13 points. Just Webber's luck that he would choose this game to share his brilliant keys.

No matter: The Heat didn't really need a huge offensive night from LeBron in a 104-88 win, and this sets them up rather well for their matchup against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night.

The Heat should be the favorites in that one as well—as long as LeBron wakes up, gets on the bus and shows up to the game. 


All stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference or unless otherwise noted, and are current as of Nov. 19, 2013.

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