9 College Football Programs Recruiting Worse Than They Should Be

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst INovember 20, 2013

9 College Football Programs Recruiting Worse Than They Should Be

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    Every college football program enters a recruiting cycle with great expectations. 

    However, not every school's recruiting plan goes accordingly. Looking at how the 2014 cycle is unfolding, it appears several programs are recruiting at a pace worse than expected standards.

    A Big 12 program has a solid class, but it has the ability to do much better. An ACC squad has only made a minimal impact during its state's best year for talent in decades, plus a Mountain West school that resides in a talented area only has one commitment. 

Fresno State

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    Fresno State is likely never going to be a dominant recruiting program. With the entire Pac-12 routinely coming into its backyard, FSU simply has too much to deal with on the recruiting trail.

    However, with a No. 15 ranking in the BCS Standings, the Bulldogs should have more than four commitments. Plus, California is such a big and talented state that there's plenty of prospects to go around for everyone.

    Fresno State should have a bigger and better class than it has, especially with the success it has enjoyed on the field this season. 


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    It's perplexing why offensive recruits do not give Hawaii a closer look. Head coach Norm Chow is an outstanding coach, as he does a great job of developing quarterbacks.

    The school has a history of putting up points, plus it's Hawaii. Yet, the Warriors only have seven commitments, with six being 2-star prospects.

    Hawaii can do better than that. 


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    SMU is a program that can easily be considered a sleeping giant. Residing in Dallas, the Mustangs have a history of winning, plus head coach June Jones runs an entertaining offense that can win games.

    That's why it's a shame SMU is only 72nd in the 247Sports recruiting rankings. The Mustangs have 16 commitments, but only eight are 3-star prospects.

    With Jones being in his sixth season in Dallas, one would think recruiting would be easier for SMU. 


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    The talent in Las Vegas is a lot better than many believe. Many programs closely monitor Sin City, as it does a good job of producing prospects who can help a program.

    UNLV does a poor job of putting a fence up around its backyard, as the Rebels almost never land any of the city's elite prospects. If UNLV wants to change the fortunes of its program, it needs to improve upon the lone commitment it has for 2014.

    UNLV is another school that can be viewed as a sleeping giant. However, the program is going to continue to be down until it starts recruiting better.


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    Washington being ranked 55th in the 247Sports recruiting rankings is nearly shocking. Head coach Steve Sarkisian is one of the best recruiting head coaches in the Pac-12, plus he's brought in great classes in prior years.

    Yet the Huskies only have nine commitments with December rapidly approaching. Perhaps Sarkisian is primed for a late run, but he's recruiting worse than he should be right now. 


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    TCU has proved over recent seasons that it can hang with the big boys on the field. However, the Horned Frogs have yet to show they can hang with the big boys consistently on the recruiting trail.

    Although head coach Gary Patterson and his staff are excellent at developing talent, it's time for TCU to start landing more elite prospects. The Horned Frogs only have one 4-star commitment, as their class is just 64th in the 247Sports recruiting rankings


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    Sitting at No. 45 in the 247Sports recruiting rankings, UCLA is one of the top disappointments in 2014 recruiting. The Bruins have done well on the trail in past cycles under head coach Jim Mora, but they're on pace to take a dip this year.

    With USC being as vulnerable as ever, this cycle was crucial for the Bruins to overtake the Trojans on the Los Angeles recruiting trail. Mora and his staff have failed to strike while the iron is hot, plus USC is slowly regaining momentum.



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    Although Virginia is 35th in the 247Sports recruiting rankings and has commitments from 5-star prospects such as Quin Blanding and Andrew Brown, more was expected from the Cavaliers this year.

    Head coach Mike London has only 12 commitments in what is a historic year for talent in the state of Virginia. The Cavs had their sights set on bringing in one of the best 25 classes in the country, but now they are going to have to fight to finish in the Top 40.



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    Oklahoma is one of the best programs in college football. The Sooners have an excellent history of winning, as they have signed a great deal of elite talent during the tenure of head coach Bob Stoops.

    Oklahoma has what it takes to recruit at the rate of Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and Texas A&M, but it is not right now. While the Crimson Tide, Seminoles, Buckeyes and Aggies are currently among the 10 best recruiting schools in the country, the Sooners are just 25th in the 247Sports recruiting rankings

    Oklahoma's class is good, but it makes this list because it should be recruiting among the greats. 

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.