Chi-Chi Rodriguez Hits Golf Ball; Golf Ball Smashes Him Square in the Groin

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 19, 2013

Chi-Chi Rodriguez brought a ball buster to a sword fight.'s T.J. Auclair posted a video of the 78-year-old getting smashed in the groin area by a golf ball after his attempt at a trick shot.

If there were any reason to cease and desist with the rampant production of trick shots around the Internet, it would be this.

Of course, getting slammed in the nads is never fun but always hilarious when it happens to someone else. And that goes double when the man getting pummeled is a great sport about the entire thing.

Rodriguez offered right after getting tattered, "There's still something there. I had forgotten that I had something there." Yes, Rodriguez, even as you near the awesome age of 80, you still have something down there, and haven't lost one ounce of your humor either. 

Because the Internet is awesome, the good people over at For the Win crafted a GIF of the golf shot that turned into impromptu Three Stooges shtick.

 Yeah, it doesn't even feel good watching that thing. 

Let's help the contestants out with proper reaction to this:  

According to Auclair, the moment came during the glass break challenge of Golf Channel's reality program The Big Break.  

In Tuesday night's iteration of "Big Break NFL Puerto Rico," Rodriguez had the bright idea of tackling the wacky mission himself. 

As we now know, he failed horribly the first time around, but kept at it like a true golf legend and smashed through in his very next attempt. 

That's when we got to see his iconic sword flourish to end things. Well, it's time to replace the pin Chi-Chi, because the natives are getting restless. 


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