What We'll Do To Bag an Opening Morning Gobbler

Walker DavidsonCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

We'll try decoys and 85 million different calls. Some Mornings it's the gobbler of a life time and some mornings you have to tell your buddies, "he was too far out of range" or "got some real hens with him." I have had my share of bad days. Out of the 15 times I went hunting this year, I killed three turkeys. 

Most of us man-up and get out there the next day. My dad on the other hand is as lazy as lazy can be and doesn't like getting up two mornings in a row and not bagging a bird.

Well I am going to give five tips on bagging a turkey one out of two days.

  1. Weapon:

     You would want to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun with 3" Mag Turkey Load.

    2. Calls:

     Change up your calls and don't use the same yelp or cluck patterns every time.

    3. Spot:

      Try to find a place where some turkey have been on roost and then make sure you have clear shooting lanes.

    4. Camo:

       If you hunt out of a stand use your deer camo. If you hunt on the ground use deer camo for your top to match the tree bark. Then for your pants use darker patterns to blend in with the forest floor.

    5. Will

       Remember you have to have a nerve and a desire to hunt these birds. They are decisive and are not easy to hunt. It truly is a sport, more so than sitting in a stand for four hours, freezing you ass off, as a freaking 105 pound target to steps in your sights.