WWE Survivor Series 2013: Most Intriguing Storylines Heading into the Event

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 19, 2013

WWE Survivor Series 2013: Most Intriguing Storylines Heading into the Event

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    Even if the build-up hasn’t been anything special, there are still nonetheless several compelling storylines heading into this Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

    Just what is going on with Randy Orton and The Authority? Will the Divas Division ever regain its credibility, or is WWE content for it to be a joke? Will we find out why Miz turned heel on Raw?

    All of these are valid questions—and hopefully ones that will get answered in Boston.

    So, in order of their spot on the card and overall impact on the company, here are the five most interesting angles surrounding the event…

5. Will Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero Get Back in the Authority's Good Graces?

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    Despite their grating, sycophantic behavior, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox have nonetheless gotten on the wrong side of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in recent weeks.

    Maddox ended up getting badly beaten up by Randy Orton in a totally unfair match on Raw, with poor Guerrero being forced to take on divas champion A.J Lee later on in the show.

    At Survivor Series, will Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox find a way to get back into The Authority’s good graces? Or was their treatment on Monday just a taste of things to come?

4. Will We Learn More About Miz's Heel Turn?

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    The Miz officially turned heel on Monday’s Raw after abandoning tag team partner Kofi Kingston during the pair’s match with The Real Americans. Refusing to tag in, the 33-year-old grinned obnoxiously at ringside while poor Kofi was mercilessly beaten down by Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro.

    WWE announced soon after that the two will be facing off this Sunday at the Survivor Series Kickoff match. Presumably Miz will take the opportunity to cut a promo and explain his actions to the fans.  

3. Where Is the Divas Division Going?

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    Does WWE have any clue what it is doing with its divas division?

    E! Reality show Total Divas has been a fairly big hit and raised the profile of women’s wrestling. The girls tend to get more airtime than they used to as well.

    But, still, WWE just doesn’t take it seriously, as the truly wretched musical chairs segment on Monday's Raw illustrated.

    Now who thought that would be a smart idea? It wasn't funny, and it wasn't entertaining. Even JBL started trashing it on commentary, which is never a good sign.

    There's currently a 14-woman elimination bout scheduled for the show. Will this be the disaster it sounds like? (The thought of Rosa Mendes and Eva Marie interacting during the match for a prolonged length of time is genuinely frightening.) Or will WWE book it properly and let girls like A.J Lee and Natalya carry the action? Does the company take its divas division remotely seriously anymore?

2. Will the Wyatt Family's Push Continue?

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    Ever since debuting in July earlier this year, The Wyatt Family have been wreaking havoc everywhere they go. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have kidnapped, tortured and humiliated various wrestlers on the roster, for no discernible reason.

    Bray has hinted the group are taking orders from a higher power, speculated to be either Paul Heyman or Vince McMahon. Will we find out more about this in Boston?

    And will CM Punk and Daniel Bryan be able to stop them this Sunday when they take on Harper and Rowan in a heavily hyped tag team match? Or will the two just become even more victims for Bray as he climbs his way to the top of WWE?

1. What Is Going on Between Randy Orton and the Authority?

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    Following an evening full of bickering and fighting with Randy Orton, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon finally snapped and informed “The Viper” backstage that at Survivor Series he would be forced to defend his title against The Big Show without any help.

    That’s right. Per these recent orders, The Shield won’t be at ringside, nor can Kane or Triple H be relied on to come to his aid. Undaunted, Orton vowed to win regardless.

    Does Orton have a secret plan of his own heading into Sunday? Or is this in-fighting all simply an elaborate ruse to convince Big Show to let his guard down and be unprepared when The Authority do get involved? (Cue Michael Cole melodramatically screaming, “It was a set up all along!” as the pay-per-view ends.)

    We’ll have to wait and see.