Holy Knicks: Life After Isiah Thomas

michael hellerCorrespondent IApril 19, 2008

Knicks fans, rejoice.

The bane of your very existence, Isiah Thomas, has finally been fired. One of the darkest eras in the history of the franchise has ended.

However, if you think that it’s all uphill from here, think again. There are still so many things that need to get fixed, the least of them was their head coach.

They have huge salary cap issues, a group of untradable players who are unlikely to contribute, and a bunch of bad attitudes.

It looks like the next time that the Knicks will have a shot at competing is 2010. That's when Stephan Marbury’s contract, among others, comes off the books and The King becomes an unrestricted free agent.

Even that scenario will only come true if they have a little lottery luck.

But they have talent, that’s for sure. I know that it doesn’t look like it, but they do. They just don’t play well together. That’s why there is one coach in the world, one man who could unite this team for a championship.

No, it’s not Mark Jackson, Rick Carlisle, or anyone else that you might think. This potential coach is a foreigner, probably knows little to nothing about basketball, and most likely has zero interest in the job considering that he has a much better one right now, and is in New York right now.

Still lost? The answer is Pope Benedict XVI. The Knicks would need a miracle to win a championship in the near future, and it’s easier to get one of those if the holiest man on earth is the leader of your team.

However, barring that, the Knicks are bound for the basement of the league for the next few years.