ECW Heats Up with Six-Man Tag Team Match

chipper smithCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

Hey folks, I am here yet again with another wrestling article. I want to recap a situation that got out of hand during a showing of ECW.

Things are getting pretty heated between Christian and Jack Swagger, and also between Tommy Dreamer and Swagger.

The last few times that Dreamer and Christian wrestled, Swagger interfered. No one will ever know if Tommy Dreamer could've won the championship against Christian or not, because of Swagger.

So last night, Christian called him out and confronted him. Swagger told him that he will get his belt back at Extreme Rules. The confrontation got heated, and GM Tiffany came out. She informed the two superstars that at Extreme Rules, their match had become a Triple Threat Match.

This came about because Swagger kept interfering in title matches that Christian was in, and that meant the ones with Tommy Dreamer. So you know who the third participant is? Dreamer.

Swagger was beside himself. He quickly reminded Tiffany that Tommy's contract is up the day before the pay-per-view event. She responded, and told Jack that Tommy agreed and signed a contract for one day, which means he can wrestle at Extreme Rules.

That enraged Swagger, and Christian acted like, "oh well." Before Tommy left the ring, he threw Swagger over the top rope, shook hands with Christian, and then threw him out of the ring.

In the locker room, Christian and Dreamer got into a fight and Finlay tried to break them up, and got his eye injured in the process. Finlay was supposed to join Dreamer and Christian in a six-man tag team match. Now it will be three on two, with Swagger and the Hart Dynasty as their opponents.

Finlay couldn't wrestle and because of Dreamer and Christian's actions in the locker room, they had to fight their opponents alone. As it turned out, the team of Christian and Tommy Dreamer succumbed to the Hart Dynasty and Swagger.

Will Tommy Dreamer fulfill his dream and become ECW champion, or will it be Swagger? Can Christian overcome the odds and retain his belt? If Dreamer doesn't win, he'll have to leave the ECW for good. I guess the pressure is on Dreamer. After all, he has a whole lot to gain.