Mayhem Miller Issues Public Apology to Uriah Hall for Racist Remarks

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent INovember 19, 2013

Jason "Mayhem" Miller
Jason "Mayhem" MillerEsther Lin/MMAFighting

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has taken the initiative in issuing both a private and public apology to Uriah Hall for their well-publicized confrontation a few weeks ago.  

In a post on Twitter, Miller states that he has already spoken to Hall privately to apologize for his actions at a local MMA event in Commerce, Calif. His hope was to take the apology a bit further and address the situation publicly.

Miller’s tweet received an immediate response from Hall, who quickly forgave him for his actions and even tweeted some words of encouragement.


The entire incident occurred during the “BAMMA USA: Badbeat 11” event, which took place in October.

According to the description in a YouTube video (NSFW) posted by MMAInterviews’ Spencer Lazara, Miller was being aggressive towards a woman presumed to be his ex-girlfriend at the event. She appeared to be an emotional wreck as Mayhem continued to yell at her.

Hall, who was also present at the event, looked in on the situation, and Miller immediately began acting aggressive towards him.

As the two MMA stars squared off, Miller suddenly began throwing up inappropriate hand gestures and spouting out several racial slurs, which eventually provoked Hall into throwing a punch.

The brief scuffle was quickly broken up, and security escorted both men from the event.

In the past year, the downward spiral of Miller’s life has played out in front of the world like some odd reality TV drama. Miller certainly has a long way to go to repair some of the bridges he’s burned recently, but this sincere gesture towards Hall and owning up to past mistakes does provide some hope.

It’s been a really long time since anything even remotely positive has come out of a Miller story, but for the first time in a long time, the UFC castoff seems to finally be on the right track.