MLB: The Detroit Tigers and Their Woes

Robert FournierContributor IApril 19, 2008

The Detroit Tigers haven't exactly been doing that great, although recently they've picked it up, they're still not living up to expectations. The one factor has been that offensive lineup that was to prove to be the second coming of the 1927 Yankees Murderers Row, they have been hitting well lately but they've had to come from behind.

The Key factor in the lineup is the lead off man and we haven't really had one that’s our permanent and when Curtis Granderson gets back from the DL then we'll have that lead off man again hoping he’s at full strength.

Another thing that is not looking well is that the big three, Sheffield, Cabrera, and Ordonez haven't really put it together yet, but once those three come alive along with Polanco, Guillen and Renteria, and Granderson coming back, I wouldn't want to be a pitcher in the American League.

They are that scary.

The one key factor is there starting pitching, now with Dontrelle Willis on the 15 day DL, we have Armando Galaraga who was just called up and pitched a great game against the Indians. Their starting pitching has to start getting more quality outings for the tigers to get a decent winning streak to get back to the top of the division.

The Pitchers that need to get going are Justin Verlander, Jeremy Bonderman, Kenny Rogers and Nate Robertson, without these guys giving at least 6-8 good outings each before the All Star break, because their offense should carry them a few games. If all things go wrong it might be a rough season.

One thing that was thrown around a lot in the preseason was that the Tigers were weak in the bullpen, when the games have been close this year the bullpen has been there and able to close out the games.

I really like Aquilino Lopez and what he’s done along with Jason Grilli and Denny Bautista. Bautista and Lopez are looking like great setup men for Todd Jones who is also looking good with no blown saves at all this season.

The prediction that I give for the Tigers is that they will bounce back and take the Division.  They will then go to the playoffs. 

They have also proved they can play with the Red Sox, so I say it will be Red Sox vs. Tigers for the ALCS and the Cubs and Tigers in the World Series, Tigers are champs.