2014 NFL Draft: Where Do Top Quarterbacks Best Fit in NFL?

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst INovember 19, 2013

2014 NFL Draft: Where Do Top Quarterbacks Best Fit in NFL?

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    The quarterbacks projected to go high in the 2014 NFL draft are not set in stone, but they are not far off from that, either. Yes, there are still the bowl games to play and the combine to perform at, but many quarterbacks projected to be first-round selections now will remain there the day of the draft.

    What matters more than what selection they are, however, is where they end up. A quarterback can have all of the tools, but if he is placed in a terrible situation, then it does not matter, and he will end up underperforming at best.

    Which teams are the best fit for the top quarterbacks in the draft? For the teams that need a quarterback, picking the right one is the difference between making a playoff run and having to pick a first-round quarterback in 2017.

    Team selections are limited to those needing a quarterback in 2014 and are made presuming a similar style of what the team operates now in the following year.

Teddy Bridgewater

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    Teddy Bridgewater is the gem of this year's draft, and for good reason. He has all of the tools to be successful in the NFL and would be a good fit on any NFL team.

    Bridgewater was Louisville, and he was able to utilize the talent around him to win many games throughout his career, even if it was not much. He knows how to be the face of a team, and the worse a city needs it, the better he will be.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars fit Bridgewater almost too well in this regard. They do have some talent on offense, and Bridgewater is the type of guy who could get the most out of that talent. Plus, they have enough holes that they can work around Bridgewater's strengths and bring in the right people to complement him going forward.

Marcus Mariota

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    Marcus Mariota has been exciting to watch at Oregon. Not only has he led a high-octane offense, but he has also been efficient and could be well on his way to a Heisman win at the rate he is going.

    The key to Mariota's play is that he's quick. He can move the ball to a receiver quickly, he can run if needed, and he can move around the pocket.

    Placing him with the Cleveland Browns would fit his abilities perfectly. The Browns need a quarterback with better decision-making, as well as someone who can make plays happen if the plan falls apart. They have talent at the receiving positions already, they just need a quarterback to bring it together.

Johnny Manziel

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    Johnny Manziel has been the face of college football since he won the Heisman as a freshman last season. Moving into the NFL, he will need to land in a place that is big enough for him to fit in yet not so big that the media circus causes a firestorm.

    As for his on-the-field abilities, he is quick and can make plays both with his feet and his arm. Yes, his size could be an issue, but he is able to move around enough that he can make opportunities for himself.

    The team he is best suited for, perhaps surprisingly, is the Oakland Raiders, because of Terrelle Pryor. Pryor has on and off days, but when he's on, he can stretch the field, and that makes the running and passing games that much better, turning the Raiders into a competitive team.

    With Manziel, they would be getting that every week rather than occasionally. Plus, Raider Nation as a landing spot for Manziel? Both sides would love that.

Tajh Boyd

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    Tajh Boyd has seen his draft stock fall a bit, but he remains a highly touted pocket passer who is mobile enough to fit with today's NFL.

    Boyd has been great for Clemson throughout his college career there and has shown himself to be a winner, but the main concern is whether he has been successful due to all of the talent around him.

    Should he end up with the Houston Texans, they would get the best of both worlds. He knows how to find great receiving targets and trusts them to make big plays. Plus, DeAndre Hopkins is a Clemson player, so the two have some chemistry already, and adding Andre Johnson to that mix could give Houston a very formidable offense.