Coolest Things NFL Players Have Done for Fans

Garrett BakerSenior Analyst INovember 27, 2013

Coolest Things NFL Players Have Done for Fans

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    NFL players have a unique opportunity to make an impact on their fans because of their larger-than-life stature and popularity, not just in their respective cities but around the nation.

    With social media use increasing, players have taken new and unique paths to connect with their fans, which has led to some really awesome moments.

    There have also been some great documentations of charity work and other admirable things that NFL players have done to reach out and help their fans and communities.

    Here are eight of the coolest things NFL players have done for fans.

DeAngelo Williams Responds on Facebook

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    Bleacher Report's own Jake Silver wrote about this really cool story that just happened a few weeks ago involving DeAngelo Williams and a fan who posted a picture on Facebook.

    Williams gave a kid his glove after the game, and that kid's father posted the picture on Williams' page. Williams surprisingly commented on the picture and thanked the fan, and then went on to create his own separate post about the whole situation, which is pretty cool to see from a professional athlete.

Sam Bradford Goes to St. Jude Hospital

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    Sam Bradford visited St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee last summer, and did more than just meet few patients and take some pictures.

    He got a full tour of the facility and met a ton of young kids, signing things for them and talking with parents and doctors. He also hung out with one lucky kid who donned a Rams jersey that day, and Bradford talked about having him come out to a game that next season.

Matt Overton Takes Kids to See Justin Bieber

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    Matt Overton may not be the most popular player in the league, but his unlikely connection with singer Justin Bieber led him to do a really cool thing for eight lucky kids.

    Long story short, Overton visited Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, and decided he wanted to surprise some lucky kids by taking them to Bieber's concert, whom he had connected with on Twitter. An unconventional story, but a cool one nonetheless.

Andrew Luck Meets His #1 Fan

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    For an elderly lifelong Indianapolis Colts fan, it was truly a blessing to be able to attend a game last season. One of his final wishes was to see Andrew Luck play in person, and the Heritage House in Indianapolis made that happen.

    Luck got wind of the situation, and sought out his biggest fan to talk to him for a minute before the game and give him a signed football. Also take note that everyone's favorite new long-snapper Matt Overton stopped and said hello as well.

Andre Johnson's Christmas Shopping Spree

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    Andre Johnson is one of the quiet superstars of the NFL, and he has a pretty cool tradition that stayed under the radar until it was reported last winter by the Texans.

    Take the time to look through the story, which details how Johnson takes 12 kids who are picked by Child Protective Services to load up their shopping bags in a store with as much as they can in 80 seconds right before Christmas.

    Johnson has some really insightful things to say in that article, and it shows what a charitable guy he is. 

Brandon Jacobs Pays Fan Back with Interest

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    After Brandon Jacobs became a free-agent in the 2012 offseason, at least one little fan wanted Jacobs to remain in New York. The six-year-old emptied his piggy bank to the tune of $3.36, which he sent to Jacobs in the mail.

    Jacobs signed with San Francisco, but met up with the young fan and his family when he returned to the city that June. He took his own kids and his biggest fan to a local trampoline park, and paid the kid back $5, which surely means nothing in comparison to the incredible memories of that day. 

Dez Bryant Buys Some PS4s

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    For all the flack that Dez Bryant gets from everyone, he actually mostly seems like a really good guy who is just misunderstood.

    Last week, Bryant randomly walked into a store in the middle of the night and picked out a few people in line to pick up the tab on their brand-new Play Station 4s. He talked to ESPN about doing it "all from the heart", and it really seems like he meant that.  

J.J. Watt Proposes

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    In what was probably the most adorable and heartwarming story of the offseason, J.J. Watt found out about a six-year-old girl who cried in a YouTube video to her mother that she wasn't old enough to marry Watt.

    So Watt went out and found that little girl, and proposed to her with a Ring Pop and treated her to a great day, complete with his jersey as her wedding dress and a dance to her favorite artist, Justin Bieber.