Antonio Cesaro Will Thrive and Reach New Heights as a Babyface

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistNovember 18, 2013


WWE has been testing the waters of an Antonio Cesaro babyface turn for several weeks. For all intents and purposes, Cesaro has passed with flying colors.

Armed with a finisher that is impossible to boo, Cesaro has been highlighted in a string of matches with his Big Swing maneuver.

The independent standout swings his opposition in repetition, bringing live audiences to their feet while telling a story to the television audience via John "Bradshaw" Layfield's exuberant counting with every revolution.

Cesaro's ability to pull off the impressive feat on WWE Superstars, ranging from Hornswoggle to The Great Khali, provides a unique showcase of strength and entertainment all in one swing. 

Currently aligned with the heel stable The Real Americans, Cesaro may stand behind Zeb Colter's xenophobic propaganda, but it's only a matter of time before he stands on his own as a babyface. His in-ring ability has never come into question, but as Chris Hero can attest, pure wrestling will only get you so far in the WWE. 

Above all else, one must be an entertainer.

Daniel Bryan had trouble shaking the dreaded "good hand" label until he ran with his addictive "yes" chant. CM Punk didn't quite break out until his otherworldly promo abilities were literally placed on center stage one night in Las Vegas.

Even John Cena was just another cookie-cutting WWE template until he showed off above-average rap skills. 

Cesaro's Big Swing, as entertaining as it is, is but a foot in the door. Once he inevitably turns face, simply relying on that spot would make him a one-move wonder no better than Petey Williams. 

Cesaro is armed with a deep arsenal of offense that almost contradicts his standing as a heel. It will allow him to establish his credibility as an entertainer before building on what will be a promising babyface resume. 

During the Germany leg of WWE's recent overseas tour, Cena himself basically anointed Cesaro as a future star. Cena was clearly speaking out of character due to Cesaro's aforementioned heel tendencies. 

Cesaro's advanced move set will be more than enough to overcome limitations in charisma and promos.  Now on his way to being an entertainer, the more his wrestling speaks for itself, the brighter his future becomes. 


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