Are the Sedins Destined for Toronto?

Steve TerryAnalyst IMay 27, 2009

The Sedin twins have had a great ride in Vancouver, but the Canucks have not been able to sign the two to a new contract. This summer, both Daniel and Hendrick will sell their services to the team of their choice.

Toronto has a huge advantage (apart from Vancouver) at signing the duo to new contracts. What is that advantage you ask?

Brian Burke was the face of Vancouver on that happy day when the twins were drafted to the same club. Giving the twins one of the greatest opportunities in hockey history (two brothers to play their whole career together on the same team), Brian Burke has a big chance to sign these two while at his new post in Toronto.

The only other club to have a chance (A BIG CHANCE) of signing the twins is the Detroit Red Wings. With a team full of Swede phenoms, this would be an attractive destination.

The thing that puts Toronto ahead is that they finally have cap space. They are one of the most financially "in shape" teams able to sign these two.

Brian Burke will do what he can to move current players and make space for these two amazing brothers, additions that would ultimately change the club for the better.

The Sedins, destined for Toronto!