GSP vs. Hendricks Results: Bigg Rigg Loses in Controversial Decision

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GSP vs. Hendricks Results: Bigg Rigg Loses in Controversial Decision
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

Johny Hendricks fought with a lot of intensity and did almost everything he could to take the welterweight title from Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167.  However, it was GSP who won by split decision in what was a very controversial decision.

The first round got off to a quick start for St-Pierre, who landed a couple of quick shots before taking down Hendricks and attempting a guillotine.  He actually got somewhat close to pulling it off, but he lost it and Johny stood back up.  

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

After that, it certainly felt like Hendricks took the rest of the round.  GSP attempted another takedown near the cage, but it was met by a number of very hard elbows from Hendricks while the two were clinched.  After that, Hendricks got a takedown of his own and landed a few more nice shots.

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Perhaps the most crucial round of the night was the second.  It started with Hendricks simply dominating St-Pierre, landing big shots one after another and stunning the defending champ.  Somehow Georges was able to hang on, recovering and landing some shots of his own for the rest of the round.

This very well could have been what decided the fight.  Hendricks had an opportunity to end it early, but with the impressive recovery by GSP, he stayed in there and made it a contest.

Hendricks clearly started to slow down in the third round, as it appeared he wore himself down with all of the big shots he was going for in the first two rounds.  St-Pierre started finding his own shots, landing some nice strikes throughout and won the round according to all three judges, as you can see from the scorecard tweeted by UFC Central.

GSP made a big mistake in the fourth round, slipping and falling as Hendricks was able to get on top of him.  Hendricks took advantage by pounding away at the body and head of St-Pierre before letting him up.  The two exchanged a few more blows before Hendricks ended the round working for another takedown.

The final round went to St-Pierre as well, as he was able to take down Hendricks and had an advantage on him throughout.  He landed some solid jabs and had more overall strikes in the round.

The ending was quite shocking to many.  Hendricks stood there without much damage, while St-Pierre's face was a bloodied mess.  However, the judges gave GSP the win, while Hendricks stood there speechless.  SportsCenter provided this tweet of what Hendricks had to say after the fight.

Perhaps this picture provided by Cody Brunner from Yahoo! Sports says it all.

It turned out being the first round that decided it all, with two judges declaring St-Pierre the winner of the round.  He did start it out with that nice takedown, but I felt like Hendricks had won with all of the punishing blows he landed throughout the round.

With how the fight ended, Hendricks should be able to keep his head up high.  Many believe he won the fight, and even though the scorecard says otherwise, he stood in the Octagon and held his own against arguably one of the greatest fighters in UFC history.

The future is bright for Hendricks, but it is certainly unfortunate that this loss will forever be on his resume.

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