UFC 167: GSP vs. Hendricks Round by Round Recap and Analysis

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent INovember 17, 2013

UFC 167: GSP vs. Hendricks Round by Round Recap and Analysis

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    Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

    Georges St-Pierre defended his welterweight title against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 via split decision. 

    Emphasis on the split. 

    The fight was super close, as Hendricks came moments from finishing in Round 2, while GSP landed with more volume and frequency throughout the bout.  

    The decision was controversial to many. 

    Click on to see a round-by-round recap, and be sure to drop your scorecard in the comments section.  

Round 1 Recap and Analysis

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    Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

    Round 1

    We have a takedown from the champion roughly five seconds in to the round. 


    You shouldn't be. It's GSP, after all. 

    Hendricks bounces back up, and the two separate, but GSP shoots for another takedown. 

    Hendricks defends, and they clinch against the fence a bit. Hendricks is smashing GSP with some hard punches and elbows. 

    Now Hendricks takes GSP to the mat! 


    The champ immediately pops back up, but Hendricks is looking for the double. 

    They separate. 

    Nice jab and low kick from GSP. Hendricks charges with a few punches, but comes up with air. 

    They clinch, and  Hendricks goes to work kneeing GSP's thigh. 

    The round ends with some back-and-forth exchanges in which neither man lands anything of significance. 


    10-9, St-Pierre

Round 2 Recap and Analysis

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    Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

    Round 2

    The round starts with some feeling-out standup. 

    Hendricks cracks GSP with an uppercut! 

    The champion is hurt. 

    Hendricks is landing hard shots in bunches, but GSP will not go down. So much for that "he has no chin" argument, eh?

    They clinch in the center of the Octagon, and Hendricks loses his mouthpiece somewhere along the way. 

    Referee Mario Yamasaki breaks them apart briefly so the challenger can get it back. 

    GSP looks much better as action continues. Jabs, straight rights and low kicks are landing. 

    St-Pierre is finding his range and landing his signature jab nicely, but Hendricks is still connecting with hard shots as well. 

    This is a fantastic, back-and-forth round. 

    Superman punch from the champ misses. 

    They clinch, and the round closes. 

    Hendricks appears to be tiring a bit. 


    10-9, Hendricks

Round 3 Recap and Analysis

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    Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

    Round 3

    A big low kick from GSP opens up the round. 

    Hendricks comes down gingerly on his leg after that one. Two nice lefts from St-Pierre find their mark. 

    The knockout threat is always there with Hendricks, but St-Pierre really seems to be settling down and controlling the action. 

    All the hard shots are favoring the champ now. Hendricks is flailing, but nothing is finding the mark. 

    One-two from the champ lands flush. He's mixing up his strikes very nicely and frustrating Hendricks. 

    Two minutes to go in the round. 

    This is starting to look like a classic GSP fight now, sans the takedowns. Precise strikes are finding their mark, and Hendricks cannot mount any significant offense. 

    Hendricks peeks at the clock. 

    A left lands from the challenger, but there is not as much power behind it at this point. 

    Hendricks shoots for the takedown, and they clinch against the cage. 

    Hendricks completes the takedown, but St-Pierre is back up after about 15 seconds of ground control.

    One late takedown and no offense does not earn Hendricks the round, in my opinion. 


    10-9, St-Pierre

Round 4 Recap and Analysis

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    Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

    Round 4

    GSP opens up the round with a side kick that misses.

    The two exchange pitter-patter punches, and GSP slips as Hendricks moves forward. 

    Hendricks is on top, battering the champ with ground-and-pound. 

    Three minutes left in the round, and Hendricks' attack has not slowed. 

    Hendricks lets him up. I'm not sure about that decision, but time will tell whether it was a smart one or not. 

    GSP is a bloody mess, while Hendricks is unscathed. 

    A big, looping left misses from the challenger and is met with a crisp jab. 

    Hendricks lands an uppercut. 

    Nice right hand from GSP, and they clinch against the cage. Hendricks is looking for a double, but the champion defends nicely. 

    GSP sprawls and briefly turns the positional battle in his favor against the cage, but Hendricks immediately reverses. 

    Some knees to the thigh from Hendricks close the frame. 


    10-9, Hendricks

Round 5 Recap and Analysis

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    Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

    Round 5

    We're locked at two rounds apiece by my count. Whoever takes this round takes the fight. 

    Hendricks looks super relaxed before the start of the round. He's singing! What?!

    GSP lands a nice body kick and pushes Hendricks against the cage. The champ is deep on a single, but Hendricks maintains his balance and stays upright for now. 

    Hendricks is landing uppercuts from one leg. That's impressive, my friends. 

    The takedown is officially avoided, and Hendricks pushes the champ against the fence to pursue a takedown. 

    Hendricks almost found a kimura against the fence. They separate, and Hendricks flexes. 

    That's awesome. 

    Big combo from GSP rocks Hendricks briefly, and the champ easily drags his foe to the mat. 

    Hendricks is back up already. This is a super impressive performance from the challenger, win or lose. 

    He looks strong, and his conditioning is excellent. Whatever fade we witnessed in Round 3 is gone. He looks fresh. 

    Leg kick from the champion. 

    One minute to go. Who wants it?

    GSP shoots for another takedown, but Hendricks defends. The champ is visibly straining, but Hendricks will not go down. 

    Until he does..."Bigg Rigg" pops up again, though, and they continue to battle against the cage. 

    GSP looks for a kimura with 10 seconds left, but it is easily defended. 

    The final bell tolls. 

    Hendricks thinks he won, and Joe Rogan agrees. 

    This is super close. 

    I have to go:


    10-9, St-Pierre

    GSP retains his welterweight title via decision (48-47)