Chris Hero and 5 Superstars Who Never Reached Their WWE Potential

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 17, 2013

Chris Hero and 5 Superstars Who Never Reached Their WWE Potential

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    Chris Hero's recent release from WWE came as a shock to a lot of people. The newly named Kassius Ohno had what appeared to be a very successful run going in NXT for a while, but now he is just gone.

    Many hoped we would see Hero reunited with Antonio Cesaro, but now we might never get to see that happen.

    Many WWE Superstars have been released way too early and for the wrong reasons, and many more simply never reached their true potential with the time they were given.

    This slideshow will look at five former WWE Superstars, developmental and main roster, who were released too soon.


Chris Hero

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    Chris Hero, known in WWE circles as Kassius Ohno, was released by WWE recently, shocking some fans and killing any chance of a Kings of Wrestling reunion or rivalry in WWE for the foreseeable future.

    Hero could always return to WWE at some point in the future, but there is also the chance that we could never see him in a WWE ring again.

    Hero had the right skills to make it in WWE, but his lack of a defined physique made him less marketable to the people in charge.

    His wrestling ability was never a factor as he was one of the standouts on NXT. He wrestled the WWE style well, and he had a solid finisher.

    Hero could have done a lot in WWE and it's a shame he won't be seen on Raw or SmackDown.

Vladimir Kozlov

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    Vladimir Kozlov was the ideal foreign heel. He was big enough to overpower most of his opponents and his look was one of the most intimidating things about him.

    He was a solid worker in the ring, and he was the kind of wrestler who didn't need to be great on the mic. The value was in his demeanor.

    WWE built him up quick, giving him a win over The Undertaker and a WWE title shot at a PPV, but eventually he was turned into a comedy character that was paired with Santino.

    Kozlov's original gimmick where he came out with no music with a single spotlight on him as he made his way to the ring was unique and his style made him stand out.

    He did manager to gain some measure of popularity with Santino due to his dry sense of humor, but he never took off the way he should have, and that is a shame.

Elijah Burke

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    Elijah Burke was brought into WWE with a storyline that Vince McMahon had named him the new face of ECW.

    He ran his own stable and was at the forefront of ECW storylines for many months. Burke was decent on the mic and pretty good in the ring, but he never reached the top of ECW, or held any title in WWE.

    When he went to TNA and changed his gimmick he found some level of success, but even in TNA he found himself back at the bottom of the pile after a short time.

    Elijah Burke had a lot of good qualities, but he didn't find his groove until he got to TNA, and that might have been too little, too late.

Matt Morgan

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    Matt Morgan may still find his way back to WWE some day, but for now we have to assume his WWE career is over.

    Morgan became one of TNA's top names during his tenure, but he never really became the face of the company. That spot was always for guys like AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Sting.

    Morgan had a brief run with WWE where he had a stuttering gimmick, and that is the kind of thing that most Superstars would not be able to come back from.

    Morgan has a lot of talent and a very marketable look. Hopefully we see him back in the WWE ring before he reaches the point where he is no longer worth the money.


Colt Cabana

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    Colt Cabana is a very popular wrestler on the indy scene, but he never found his niche in WWE before he found himself being "Future Endeavored."

    Renaming him Scotty Goldman didn't help matters, and even having CM Punk as a best friend couldn't save his job.

    Cabana might not have been the face of WWE, but he could have been a solid mid-card Superstar given the opportunity.

    Cabana did not have many matches on WWE television, and most of the matches he did have resulted in losses.

    Cabana is good on the mic and in the ring. WWE had a real talent and they let him slip through their fingers.




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    There is only so much room at the top of the mountain, but WWE has plenty of room for a lot of people to find great success without having to be the face of the company.

    Chris Hero's recent releases is just another in a long line of surprising moves by WWE involving Superstars being let go before they had a chance to really succeed.

    Many more will come and go in the years to come, but some will stick out as major errors in judgement on WWE's part.

    Which Superstars do you feel were released before they had a chance to reach their true WWE potential?


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