St-Pierre vs. Hendricks Odds: Final Betting Odds Before Fight Night

Matthew Ryder@@matthewjryderFeatured ColumnistNovember 16, 2013

St-Pierre vs. Hendricks Odds: Final Betting Odds Before Fight Night

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    With the UFC in the midst of a run of big cards to close out 2013, Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the promotion in the main event of UFC 167. Plenty of people have been talking and asking questions about the card, and the oddsmakers have considered before putting down their numbers.

    Here are some to consider if you have a few dollars to throw around on a Saturday night.

Georges St-Pierre (-250) to Win

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    One of the most dominant champions in combat sports history is going against a guy with one big weapon. We've seen this scenario play out before, and the guy with one big weapon rarely comes out on the right side of things.

    Still, GSP has been KO'd by a massive punch before, and people seem to think it could happen again. GSP being minus-250 is as generous a line as you'll get in a St-Pierre fight for an outright win, and it's even more generous on a number of betting sites.

    This could be worth a look if you want a small win on a big bet or a parlay.

Johny Hendricks (+800) to Win by KO

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    For this one to pan out, Hendricks has to win, which is no foregone conclusion. The method, however, is his most probable form of success, so it could be worth a wager.

    He only needs to touch St-Pierre once to drop him, and he's proved that against tougher men than the Canadian star.

    In terms of trying to cash in, this is a solid bet, and there are all sorts of good odds out there on it.

Georges St-Pierre (+500) to Win by Finish

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    GSP hasn't finished any fights recently, but some people think it's a possibility against Hendricks. While the challenger is dangerous, there are question marks to his game, and it's possible the champion has the answers.

    Again, for this one to click, you need a GSP win, but that seems safer than betting on the challenger. Some sites are offering even better odds than those listed here, so going against your gut and putting money on St-Pierre to end his decision streak could pay off.

Johny Hendricks (+1000) to Win by Decision

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    Hendricks has proved he can win decisions in big fights, but he's no match for the master of it. Some sites are offering up numbers as appealing as 3-to-1 that the Texan can pull it off, but that's fool's gold.

    If St-Pierre loses, Hendricks will stop him. GSP is too good at avoiding damage and winning rounds to go out any other way.

    If you're betting on a Hendricks win, go smart by betting on a stoppage. A big number on a decision is trying to catch your eye and take your money, it's not going to happen.

Over/Under Total Rounds: 3.5 (O +100, U -350)

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    This is a bet that depends on how you believe the fight will play out. GSP is unlikely to win before Round 3, and Hendricks is unlikely to win later.

    If you're taking the champion to retain his belt, an over/under bet might be easy money. If you like the challenger, the sexy numbers are harder to find, so it might be wise to steer clear and focus more on outcomes and props.