What I Loved and Hated from College Football Week 12

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterNovember 18, 2013

What I Loved and Hated from College Football Week 12

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    One day, without warning, Ed Orgeron was told he no longer had to drive his 2007 Toyota Corolla with the power steering. He was tossed the keys to a Ferrari—one that admittedly has some wear and tear, but goodness, it’s a Ferrari—and he was given permission to drive until it was time to give it up. 

    He has no business driving this car. In fact, you often wonder if he really knows how to handle it accordingly. And that’s what makes this unexpected surge so much fun to watch.

    USC’s win over Stanford reminds you that the weekends you sleep on can often sneak up on you. For further evidence of this, take a look at Auburn and Georgia.

    Week 12 didn’t look like it would provide much on paper, but then college football happened. There were amazing, BCS-altering catches, dogs giving high-fives, incredible state troopers delivering bone-crunching tackles and so much more.

    Here’s what I loved and hated in Week 12.

Loved: Northern Illinois' High-Fiving Mascot

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    GIF via Guyism

    If there were a BCS for mascots—and goodness there should be—Diesel would be included, perhaps leading the pack.

    Diesel is Northern Illinois’ sideline husky, and he is more than just a beautiful animal. This dog has unique abilities, and he showcased a taste of what he's capable of following a Northern Illinois touchdown against Ball State on Wednesday.

    Yes, dogs can high-five. At least this dog can.

    Not only did Diesel offer up his paw, but his form on this was pristine. It wasn’t sloppy or wild like your celebratory embrace with a buddy; it was perfect.

    Someone get this dog all of the treats. All. Of. Them.

Hated: Bloodied Lee Corso

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    When you incorporate props into your weekly rituals, things are bound to happen. ESPN’s Lee Corso—a man of many props and headgears—knows this all too well.

    On Saturday, however, Corso bled. It wasn’t much blood, but there was blood.

    After picking USC in front of the home crowd, Corso and fellow GameDay host Kirk Herbstreit engaged in a brief sword fight. After the two exchanged blows momentarily, Corso was left with a cut on his face.

    He then yelled “SPARRRRRRRRRTA” to the crowd shortly before ripping off his shirt and revealing his amazing six-pack. (Okay, this part might not have happened.)

Loved: Auburn's Game-Winning Touchdown

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    This is one of those moments that you’re going to see replayed for eternity, so get used to it. The video above showcases this play from a variety of different viewpoints, only adding to the excellence.

    On 4th-and-18 and down late to Georgia, Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall threw up a prayer. It wasn’t a Hail Mary, but it might as well have been. On the other end of this prayer were two Georgia defenders poised for the interception and Auburn wideout Ricardo Louis, who was out of position. 

    Well, scratch that. He was in perfect position.

    After a tip and some good reflexes by Louis, Auburn scored and won the game on a play that doesn’t make sense after more than a dozen viewings. It will never really make sense, and that’s why we love it. 

    Reason No. 1,905 we love college football.

Hated: To Be Tackled by This State Trooper

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    The best tackle of the weekend didn’t take place in an actual game. It occurred on a football field, sure, but it involved an enormous state trooper and a fan who thought it would be a good idea to run on the field during the Oklahoma-Iowa State game. 

    Note: This was not a good idea. In fact, it was a terrible idea.

    It turns out that the state trooper could—and probably should—start at linebacker for Oklahoma. His hit on this gentleman proves just that.

    Most importantly, they did not call targeting on this particular play, so the trooper was allowed to stay in the game.

    As for the long-haired dude who was just blasted in slow-mo? Not so much.

Loved: JJ Worton's Absurd Touchdown Catch

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    From a sheer “Holy [expletive deleted by legal]” standpoint, the Auburn catch is impossible to top. From a “How could he have possibly caught that?” standpoint, however, J.J. Worton has it dominated. 

    It’s a catch fitting for a game that was absolutely manic. Central Florida clipped Temple thanks in large part to this play late in the game. And before we gush over Worton, it’s worth noting the effort quarterback Blake Bortles makes to get him the ball shortly before he is destroyed.

    Now, as for Worton, holy [expletive deleted by legal].

    Given the timing and sheer absurdity of the catch itself, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a more deserving catch of the year. 

    Also, Central Florida: What are you doing almost losing this game?

    Never mind that. Let’s watch this play 38 more times.

Hated: The Latest Northwestern Heartbreak

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    In its past two games, Northwestern has lost on a Hail Mary and now a turbo field goal.

    What, you’ve never heard of a turbo field goal before? Well, you have now.

    With Michigan seemingly out of time, the Wolverines scrambled to get their kicking unit on the field. With the holder sliding into position and the kicker awkwardly abandoning his routine, Michigan snapped the ball and the result was…a perfectly made 44-yard field goal.

    Brendan Gibbons was the one to make the kick, and this sent the two teams into overtime. Eventually, Michigan prevailed thanks to a Devin Garnder touchdown, but not before things got ultra weird.

    For Northwestern, it has now lost six consecutive games since hosting College GameDay. Curse you, GameDay. Curse you.

Loved: Myles Jack (Again)

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    For the second week in a row, UCLA linebacker/running back/create-a-player Myles Jack has love/hate real estate. And while consecutive appearances are worth celebrating, this might just be the beginning.

    Jack scored four rushing touchdowns against Washington—including the bruising run above—and this is just a friendly reminder that he is a true freshman linebacker. He is also a running back when Jim Mora needs him to be, and Jack now has five touchdowns on 19 carries.

    He’s also averaging over nine yards per carry, and will the person who created this video game player and put him in real life please step forward?

    Thank you.

Hated: This Illinois Card Stunt

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    Image via @RedditCFB

    In the planning stages, this card stunt at the Illinois game sounded like a brilliant idea. 

    Get the students involved, do something cool on national television and provide entertainment the stadium can enjoy. And then the game happened and the attendance was, well, not where it needed to be in order to pull off a stunt of this magnitude. 

    The result is this: a giant “I” and another “I” that looks like it has been diagnosed with some sort of disease. We appreciate the effort, Illini fans, but we just wish there were more of you to fulfill this stunt.

    Maybe next time. 

Loved: Dancin’ Mike Gundy

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    Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has a history of locker room celebrations. More specifically, he has a history of dancing after his team nets a big win.

    Enter: a big win against Texas.

    Gundy not only likes to dance, but he seems to have coined his own move that showcases pretty outstanding balance near the floor. It’s the kind of balance and angle that would probably cause most grown men to injure their hamstring or quad. But let’s not forget that Gundy is not the normal man.

    He’s a man, and he’s 40. (He’s actually way older than 40 now despite his amazing hair and dance rhythm.)

Hated: To Be the Chalkboard Will Muschamp Punched

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    Via @PBPjasonlieser

    The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club. The second rule of fight club is you probably shouldn’t punch a chalkboard during halftime. 

    Will Muschamp apparently didn’t read the rulebook.

    This picture of the Gators head coach surfaced after the game, and his hand appears to have seen better days. When asked about the hand, Muschamp confirmed the incident and also called it “dumb."

    It’s a punching-chalkboard kind of season for Florida, so it’s hard to blame an emotional Muschamp here. Next time, however, punch something else.

    May I offer up Steve Spurrier's windshield as a friendly suggestion?