Corporate Kane Is Already Irrelevant Following WWE Raw

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistNovember 16, 2013


When it was announced that the new "Corporate Kane" character was to become the director of operations, WWE ran the risk of flooding its creative landscape with too many authority figures.

Mission accomplished. 

This past week on Raw, WWE's main storyline was a self-aware focus on its excess of figureheads.  This problem persisted even with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H "on vacation" as Kane, Brad Maddox, Vickie Guerrero and, for some reason, Randy Orton argued over who would be in charge. 

As original as Kane's new gimmick may seem, WWE's insistence on making him just another talking head fighting for power did nothing to separate him as a unique character. 

This angle is beginning to play out like the debate-heavy 2012 Republican primary that overstayed its welcome. 

Kane was not presented as an intimidating heavy, or a monster layered with corporate tendencies, or a big red politician or a character with responsibilities unique to the storyline. 

He was just another suit.  No better or worse than expendable slim-fit suit Brad Maddox.

Kane was made to look silly with petty bickering over who would get to book what match.  Siblings often argue over who will get to lick the spoon once a cake batter has been prepared.  Take away the spoon, and the back and forth between Kane and his fellow authority figures is identical. 

It is somewhat promising that WWE seems aware of the several tyrants running roughshod through its product.  This will surely lead to a resolution that will truncate an unnecessary on-camera corporate structure.

However, the ongoing white-collar infighting will not lead to a match, nor will it advance this storyline in terms of getting new talent over. 

This will simply lead to another proverbial swinging of the gavel by a McMahon or the anonymous board of directors.  Regardless of who swings that gavel, both time and unmatched resources will have been wasted. 

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