Washington vs. UCLA: 10 Things We Learned in Bruins' Win

Scott Carasik@ScottCarasikContributor IINovember 16, 2013

Washington vs. UCLA: 10 Things We Learned in Bruins' Win

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    UCLA defeated Washington 41-31 in Los Angeles to continue its run on the way to try to get to the Pac-12 Championship game again. The 8-2 Bruins have shots at Arizona State and Southern California over the next two weeks.

    UCLA learned quite a few things in its victory over the Huskies that it can translate to its run for a potential Pac-12 championship and Rose Bowl berth. Follow along for the 10 things we've learned from the Bruins victory over the Huskies.

Brett Hundley Has Talent, but He Needs More Seasoning Before He's a Top-10 Pick

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    Brett Hundley came into the 2013 season with talk of him working his way into a top-10 selection in the 2014 draft. While that seemed to be almost certain early in the season, today proved that he has a long way to go before he ends up in the top 10 of any draft.

    That doesn't mean he doesn't have the raw talent to be there. But he needs to refine his mechanics, pocket presence and ability to read defenses before anyone should consider him to be a top talent in the draft. Another year in college would go a long way to his development.

Myles Jack Will Be a Heisman Candidate by the Time He Finishes College

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    Myles Jack is a linebacker. So what in the world is he doing running the ball 13 times for 59 yards and scoring four touchdowns out there? There's no reason why a guy as good as he is at linebacker should be running the ball this well.

    And yes, he was a top prospect at running back with SEC schools coming for him. But why didn't anyone else want to offer him as a linebacker if he could do this as a part-time guy at running back? He has legitimate Heisman potential as a two-way player. And that's worth a scholarship offer in and of itself.

UCLA Has Talented Running Backs Outside of Myles Jack

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    With a guy who can be a legitimate Heisman contender in Myles Jack, it feels like the media will talk about no one else but the top guy. News to America: There's talent at running back outside of Myles Jack. Namely, Paul Perkins and Malcolm Jones.

    The pairing is a Warrick Dunn/T.J. Duckett-type combination that coach Jim Mora had in Atlanta. The duo combined for 147 yards on 30 carries to set the pace for a rushing attack that averaged just under five yards per carry. Any quarterback would be happy with that running game supporting him.

Despite Inexperience, UCLA's Offensive Line Is Effective

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    UCLA starts multiple freshmen and sophomores on the offensive line. It's to the point where the wily veteran on the offensive line is Xavier Su'a-Filo—the junior from Pleasant Grove, Utah. This was hard to believe with how they played during the Washington game.

    They were continually opening up holes for the running backs and protecting effectively for their top quarterback Brett Hundley. With these guys just starting to develop, it will be interesting to see just how good they get, and as a byproduct, just how good the offense gets.

UCLA's Receivers Have Talent, but There's No Superstar

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    Going into the game, Shaq Evans looked to be the biggest name at receiver for either team. Unfortunately for UCLA, the best wide receiver on the day was Damore'ea Stringfellow from Washington. His eight catches for 147 yards and one touchdown almost single-handedly outperformed the entire UCLA receiving corps.

    That's OK, though. The UCLA receiving corps is extremely varied and has multiple players who can create yardage after the play. They all have strengths and weaknesses that can help them attack defenses in multiple ways. Unfortunately, Brett Hundley was off today with his throws. Otherwise, a superstar might have emerged.

Ball Security Needs to Be of the Highest Priority After the Game

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    When the best players on a team also create some of the biggest errors, something has to change. While Myles Jack is a great player, he lost the ball on his fumble and needs to focus on making sure that he doesn't do it again.

    Malcolm Jones also fumbled the ball on one of his carries as well. Darren Andrews also fumbled the ball and lost it. The two fumbles lost led to points for the Huskies, and were the only reason why the game was only won by 10 points.

Cassius Marsh Can Create Impacts on Both Sides of the Ball

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    Cassius Marsh was disruptive throughout the entire game. Not only did he register a sack at a crucial moment in the game, he was drawing multiple double teams and forcing the Washington interior offensive line to focus on stopping him from penetrating through them.

    But what's amazing isn't what he did on defense. He was also able to contribute legitimately on offense. Marsh was also able to get into an open spot in the zone at the goal line and catch a touchdown pass. His unique ability created an impact on both offense and defense against the Huskies.

Jordan Zumwalt Is Another Player Who Plays Both Ways

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    Jordan Zumwalt played both linebacker and fullback against the Huskies. When he was in at fullback, he was an excellent lead blocker who knocked linebackers back on offense to create holes for Myles Jack in the running game.

    Then he'd switch over to inside linebacker on defense. His coverage and sure tackling made an impact against a highly-talented Washington running offense. His interception toward the end of the game essentially clinched it for the Bruins.

Randall Goforth Showed Playmaking Abilitiy

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    When NFL teams make prospect lists for future drafts, they will need to include this talented safety. Not only did he force a fumble, he also intercepted a pass that was overthrown and was flying around the field making tackles for most of the game.

    Despite being just a sophomore, the 5'10", 190-pound talent has shown the abilities in coverage to make an impact at the next level for a team. If he can continue to improve as a defensive back, he could eventually compete for a Jim Thorpe Award in the future.

Anthony Barr Was Given the Jadeveon Clowney Treatment

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    If you look at Anthony Barr's stat line for the game, it won't inspire you to think, "This guy is a top-five prospect in the NFL draft." The one sack and two tackles for loss he registered through the Washington game were after fighting through way too many double teams and chips.

    He was double-teamed on almost every single play, and when he wasn't double-teamed, he'd have a running back upend him on a delayed blitz. It wasn't until late in the game that he was able to finally get a sack, but by forcing multiple blockers to focus on him, Barr's impact goes well beyond the one sack he registered.

    All stats used are either from ESPN or CFBStats.com. All recruiting rankings come from 247Sports.com.

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