Jake Heaps Update

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Jake Heaps Update
When talking about the class of 2010, without a doubt, Skyline Quarterback Jake Heaps is the most sought after prospect concerning Husky fans, Husky coaches, and a handful of other colleges alike.

He is considered to be the number one quarterback out of the class of 2010. He recently said in an interview that he'll make his decision in mid-June, meaning that his decision is not far away.

He currently has five finalists that he has whittled down from a list that spanned of almost 20 colleges. UW, BYU, California, LSU, and Tennessee are his finalists.

Supposedly, Heaps says that he likes his five finalists all equally. But I pondered earlier on UW's advantage in recruiting him, and although I believe some of those points are still valid, BYU is now a close second. Seeing as his sister does go to BYU, it may sway him more to go there, however, it could work the opposite effect. As seen in Jrue Holiday's decision NOT to play basketball at UW with his brother Justin, Heaps might not want to follow his sister.

We interviewed Jake Heaps earlier last year, you can view it here. Once Jake makes his decision we plan on doing another interview with him.

Do you think the Huskies will land Jake?

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