This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 16, 2013

This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

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    A soccer ref, Twitter beef and Rob Gronkowski lead the absurdity from yet another wild and wacky week in the sports world. 

    Welcome to another episode of passionate venting featuring me, the guy who is fed up at the moment. 

    This time around, we found new and exciting reasons to hate on soccer officials as well as a reminder that it's always handy to be Gronkowski. 

    Of course, if you spot any stories we missed, go ahead and remedy that in the comments section below. Other than that, sit back and enjoy our collection of sports crazy. 

Oblivious Soccer Ref Is Still Oblivious

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    Your eyes don't deceive you. What you see is an opponent doing a solid for the goalkeeper by tying his shoes. That's when the referee decided the man who received the kind act was time wasting, so he awards the other team a free kick. 

    The L.A. Times' Kevin Baxter has a full report on this moment when sportsmanship still garnered a penalty and ensuing free kick.

    Early in the second half of Thursday's match between Al Nahdha and Al Ittihad, Taisir Al Antaif, the goalkeeper for Al Nahdha, paused before a goal kick when he noticed the shoelace on his left boot had come undone. Because he was wearing his large white goalie gloves, Al Antaif was unable to rectify the situation himself so he began gesturing to teammates to come help him out.

    Al Ittihad striker Jobson saw fit to get the match going quickly and decided to tie his opponent's shoe instead of waiting for someone else to do it. That would be sporting act No. 1. 

    When Al Ittihad won a free kick, Leandro Bonfirm was tasked with taking the gift. Instead, he intentionally misses the kick for marvelous sporting act No. 2. 

    Somehow we think the ref completely missed the entire brilliant exchange. 

Might We Direct Your Attention to This Rugby Brawl?

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    ESPN Scrum has more on this all-out brawl that we imagine featured a touch of rugby—at least when the guys weren't busy pummeling one another. 

    Most rugby supporters are partial to a bit of fisticuffs and Georgia's game against Canada disintegrated into a mass brawl when Canada's Liam Underwood was caught by Georgia's Vito Koelishvili. After punches were thrown, Koelishvili and Tyler Ardron were both red carded for their role in the melee.

    That's not all, because the Province's Patrick Johnston reports Team Canada was hit particularly hard by the kerfuffle: "Canadians Ray Barkwill and Andrew Tiedemann left the field bloodied and Underwood was helped from the pitch, looking as woozy as can be. None of the injured trio would return."

    It's OK; Georgia learned its lesson, because it won the match, 19-15. Oh well, so much for karma. 

Marcin Gortat's Struggle with Gravity

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    What may be the most precious moment of the week is shared for you all to enjoy right here. 

    As Bleacher Report's Ken Dorset states, the Wizards' center looks to try his hand at Hakeem Olajuwon's "Dream Shake," but fails miserably. 

    Then again, if we are spotting him points for comedic value, he wins over anything you did this week. 

Brandon Jennings Pokes J.R. Smith; Unfortunate Fallout

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    You know a Twitter feud is good when multiple tweets are deleted. Well, the recent exchange between Brandon Jennings and J.R. Smith is a doozy. 

    While many posts were deleted, Pro Basketball Talk's Dan Feldman saved some of the tweets and archived those that were trashed by the respective basketball players. 

    At the heart of it all is Jennings chiding Smith for the sentiment that his brother Chris Smith was on the Knicks roster simply because of their relationship. 

    That's when Smith went on a Twitter rant that featured a post that stated, "Might call some of my Number street homies an put #Detroit on smash for a min!#DeadSerious—"

    Well, it's not exactly a good look to tweet a presumed threat, even among friends. For his blunder, Smith was fined $25,000


    Practice safe tweeting, everybody. 

Rob Gronkowski Gets Rob Gronkowski Role

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    Talk about being typecast. 

    Fresh off throwing a football clinic that more closely resembled a bachelorette party, Patriots' resident party boy Rob Gronkowski won a role in the upcoming Entourage movie. 

    According to the TMZ report, Gronk will play himself when shooting for the movie begins in, you guessed it, January. Excuse us while we pop some popcorn, kick up our feet and watch Bill Belichick's reaction. 

Deron Williams' Creeper Shots

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    Photo Credit: YouTube

    While this isn't annoying, it's certainly disconcerting. 

    Deron Williams posted the latest photography work he captured while the Nets were 35,000 feet in the air to his Facebook page

    Good stuff, man. However, try to get some sleep and please let us know if you are ever able to actually catch Kevin Garnett sleeping, if he ever does.