Florida Football Team Might Win an Oscar with Latest Absurd Trick Play

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At this rate, football players will have to take drama classes in between their two-a-day practices. 

MaxPreps (h/t The Big Lead) spotted just the latest wacky and wild trick play—one that takes a great deal of gamesmanship prior to the snap. 

The Hialeah Cougars were playing the Dania Beach Bears in a Miami youth football game recently when they decided to bust out a play from the back page of the playbook. 

The play takes place in the fourth quarter of a game tied at 12. Hialeah quarterback Treyvon Fowler seems flummoxed at the line and starts to jog toward his coaches. Even one of his receivers throws up his hands in complete astonishment. 

Oh no, what is going on? It's all complete anarchy...and then snap.

If this looks familiar, it's because trick plays of this ilk are becoming a national sensation at the moment. MaxPreps also spotted the following play in which players along the line claim they have the "wrong ball":

The players above are from El Camino Real's (Woodland Hills, Calif.) junior varsity team, and they are master thespians. 

So now we have come to the point when regular, ho-hum audacity just isn't cutting it anymore. Oh, you can have your run-of-the-mill trick plays, but we will take those that require players to act with as much fervor as soccer players flopping to the pitch. 

You have to love the manner in which the team sells this, completely bewildering a team that had no idea an acting class was a prerequisite for playing football. 

We aren't about to make the mistake of proclaiming this is the last we see of this, because it's only a matter of time before another team does the same on a bigger and grander scale. 

We can't wait. 

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