WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Nov. 11

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 15, 2013


AJ Lee has been a mainstay on the weekly list of the best WWE tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos; two major league pitchers surprisingly join her this time around.

A tribute to one of Goldberg's greatest weapons, an intimate look at Tyson Kidd's long recovery from injury and a powerhouse's aggressiveness on Twitter also highlight the most interesting bits of WWE-related social media. Paul Heyman makes an appearance as well.

Fresh off World Series MVP David Ortiz sporting a WWE Championship during the Red Sox victory parade, two more baseball players will get a chance to wear WWE gold.

Clayton Kershaw won the National League Cy Young Award, while Max Scherzer won the prestigious award for the American League. Being named the best pitcher doesn't usually come with a gift from Vince McMahon, but 2013 may have started a trend.

McMahon tweeted that he'd be offering those two pitchers WWE-style Cy Young championship belts.

This is a wise move to get WWE some added mainstream exposure. Ortiz wearing the WWE title garnered the attention of several media outlets that don't normally mention the sports entertainment giant.

The attempted cross-promotion pitch would be a welcomed tradition unless it leads to someone like Kershaw headlining a pay-per-view a la Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman in 1998

AJ's championship was central to one of the better Instagram photos of the week. After surviving her title match against Natalya during Wednesday's Main Event, AJ clutched the Divas title backstage. WWE shared the image on its Instagram page.

Photo from Instagram

Treating the title like her baby is a great touch, adding depth to her character.

Many fans have noted the parallels between Shawn Michaels and Diesel's duo in the '90s and Tamina Snuka and AJ's relationship. That hasn't gotten past the Divas champ, who recently referred to Tamina as "Lady Diesel."

The next expected step is for Tamina and AJ to turn on each other at some point. Alliances splitting in violent fashion is just WWE tradition, from Michaels and Diesel to Edge and Christian.

Will AJ make a return to being a babyface, or will Tamina be the one turning? Either way, it could be a memorable moment, much like these that WWE compiled in a top-10 face turn video.

The rankings are up for debate, but seeing Virgil, Andre the Giant, Batista and Steve Austin leave the dark side behind is excellent viewing.

The same can be said about WWE's recent series of video diaries from Tyson Kidd. Though he received no hype surrounding his return, the company is now creating some intrigue about him being back by providing a look into his mental and physical journey back into the ring.

Kidd tweeted a gripping installment in the series Nov. 12.

Fans are certainly glad to see that Kidd made it through these tough times and is now again doing what he loves, what he does best.

For Heyman, "what he does best" is a long list of things. In addition to having the best facial expressions in the business and delivering stellar promos, he's also apparently a master of selling injuries through ridiculous props.

When he returned to Monday's Raw, he donned an Andy Kaufman-style neck brace and sat in a wheelchair to sell the beating CM Punk gave him at Hell in a Cell. WWE captured a perfect image of the weaselly manager on Instagram.

Photo from Instagram

His speech Monday made it clear that he and Ryback's relationship is over.

Ryback is once again forced to go in a different direction now. Going back to the bully persona looks to be his best bet. "The Big Guy" took to Twitter over the weekend and packed as much machismo as one can into 140 characters.

While it doesn't look probable after Ryback's many recent losses, there was hopeful speculation from some fans that he would challenge Goldberg at WrestleMania XXX.

WWE has been regularly mentioning Goldberg on TV, perhaps to try and stroke his ego in order to woo him for the marquee event.

Should that happen, one of the most exciting elements of his arsenal, the spear, would be one of the best parts of that comeback. WWE showcased that move in a 30-second video featuring a stockpile of some of his best editions of the move.

Although Roman Reigns and Kaitlyn do quality versions of that finisher, it's doubtful anyone will ever top the king of spears.

Here's hoping that WWE is able to convince Goldberg to have another run with the company. While we're sending positive vibes into the universe, let's do so for AJ, who reportedly collapsed at a live event Friday, per PWMania.com.  

Hopefully she is doing OK and that it's not something serious that had her in need of medical attention.