John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio Will Be Doomed by Predictability

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 15, 2013

There's no doubt that John Cena and Alberto Del Rio will work extremely hard to thrill the audience at Survivor Series, but predictability will drag down their title bout.

Only the most die-hard of Del Rio fans will go into this match thinking he can win back the World Heavyweight Championship. WWE has made it clear, through how it has promoted the match and its reported plans for the title, that Cena will remain king for now. 

Big Show vs. Randy Orton has a number of X-factors that may affect the outcome of the WWE Championship match.

Triple H may influence that contest either directly or indirectly. The Shield and Kane could be keys to victory. Vince McMahon could maybe even get involved as the man behind Big Show's rebellion.

As for the other major title fight at Survivor Series, it feels much like it did with Cena's WrestleMania 29 match against The Rock, that it is a foregone conclusion that Cena will walk away champion.

Del Rio was champion for over 200 days in 2013. Is WWE really ready to hand the title back to him after losing it just a month ago? No one in World Heavyweight Championship history has won that belt three times in the same calendar year.

Don't count on Del Rio being the first.

Just as it did when heading into Hell in a Cell, WWE is focusing more on Cena in its promotion of the Survivor Series title match. Bleacher Report's own Robert Aitken says a local ad makes no indication that Del Rio will be at the Raw after the pay-per-view.

The story of the buildup in this promotional video is another example; it's three parts Cena, one part Del Rio.

Cena's injury and resilience are the biggest takeaways from this. Even when Del Rio ambushed Cena in that clip and cracked his injured arm against the ring post, Cena came out on top. It was the champ left standing with the challenger retreating.

The other title match has tried to create more uncertainty.

Big Show had Orton running in fear on Monday's Raw. The big man ended that meeting staring at a mess of broken furniture and an enemy writhing in pain.

Meanwhile, Cena's bad wing hasn't prevented him from going on a winning streak.

Yes, he goes into a match with a vulnerable body part, one that is Del Rio's favorite to target, but that hasn't stopped Cena from surviving before. His arm was even less recovered when Cena outlasted Del Rio at Hell in a Cell and in even worse shape when Damien Sandow smashed it again and again before cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

If Cena didn't lose when he was just two months removed from surgery and when he was essentially working with one good arm, it's hard to imagine Del Rio winning now that Cena has had more of a chance to heal and get back into wrestling shape.

Cena's at the point where he's beating two men at once while Del Rio remains a mere mortal.

There have also been reports that WWE is eyeing a title unification match at WrestleMania XXX, one that would merge the championship that Cena is carrying and the WWE title. To make that match more significant, PWInsider (via, reports that WWE's "current plan is to build the World Heavyweight Title up between now and WrestleMania, which is why Cena won it from Alberto Del Rio."

Though he may not keep it until WrestleMania, for Cena to lose the title already goes against this reported plan.

A recent article makes it seem like the company is indeed hyping up the title's worth more than it has recently. The piece ranks the men who have held the world title the most times, seemingly an attempt to convince the audience of the championship's prestige.

Cena is the cover boy for that list.

Screenshot of world title article
Screenshot of world title

What's expected at Survivor Series is for Del Rio to target Cena's bad arm, for Cena to take an enormous amount of punishment but still persevere. Del Rio will go for the cross armbreaker and Cena will power out of it.

Look for the Attitude Adjustment to knock Del Rio to the ground long enough for Cena to get the pinfall. 

That was the narrative of his match with Del Rio at Hell in a Cell, against Sandow the next night and is likely the one we will see play out on Nov. 24. Veering off that script would be welcomed, but it's not wise to place bets on it happening.

Fans may love Cena and Del Rio's clash at Survivor Series, but it will be like watching Titanic—the ending already common knowledge.