Report: John Cena Continues to Struggle with Physical Problems

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 14, 2013

John Cena, the night after Hell in a Cell.
John Cena, the night after Hell in a Cell.from

Following John Cena's extremely early return from a torn triceps last month at Hell in a Cell, you would be forgiven for wondering if the 36-year-old really is some type of invincible Superman-figure.

Certainly, his healing powers seem enough to make Wolverine go green with envy. 

Of course, scratch beneath the surface and you'll find there's a little more to the story.

Cena at recent house show on WWE's European tour.
Cena at recent house show on WWE's European tour.from

While the current world heavyweight champion has shown an admirable (or foolish, depending on how you look at it) willingness to come back early from even the most serious of injuries, per a recent report he continues to struggle physically.

It looks like the company's current European tour, in particular, has taken its toll on the wrestler, as The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc) notes:

Internal reports from the current WWE European tour note that John Cena was really hurting after having to wrestle every night, just a short time after returning to the ring before his body could fully heal.

Reports like this are, of course, bad news for Cena on a personal level.

He's still a (relatively) young guy with the rest of his life ahead of him, after all.

No doubt the physical condition Hulk Hogan, who worked the same tough schedule that Cena does now and famously once admitted in a radio interview he had so many surgeries on his agonizingly painful back he'd actually lost count of them, doesn't help.

Hulk Hogan has had a rough few years due to his back problems.
Hulk Hogan has had a rough few years due to his back problems.from

(And it's worth mentioning that Cena is far more willing to take brutal and hard-hitting bumps than '80s Hogan ever did.)

Will the star regret not taking it more easy 10 or 15 years from now?

The star's ailing condition must be a source of concern for WWE too. Especially since the booking team has been unable to find a suitable replacement for him.

CM Punk, struggled to draw well as a main eventer.
CM Punk, struggled to draw well as a main eventer.from

Over the years, guys like Wade Barrett, Ryback and The Miz have received inept and half-hearted main event pushes and, to the surprise of no one, never managed to equal Cena's success. CM Punk was the recipient of a strong push in 2011 and 2012, but the 35-year-old simply couldn't deliver in terms of ratings or buyrates.

Despite his superb track record as a draw in UFC, Brock Lesnar doesn't appear to have made a significant difference to WWE business since he returned to the company in April 2012. 

For a brief period, it looked like Daniel Bryan could be the Cena replacement the company had been so desperately searching for.

Over the summer, the 32-year-old was receiving crowd pops that had to be heard to believed. His "Yes! Yes! Yes!" catchphrase took off in a big way. He had a strong, if unconventional, charisma. He could wrestle up a storm too.

So what happened?

Daniel Bryan, victim of some truly dreadful booking.
Daniel Bryan, victim of some truly dreadful booking.from

Eh, the former ROH performer found himself on the receiving end of too many promos in which various members of The Authority, Triple H in particular, would mock him and point out his weaknesses to everyone watching.

WWE insisted the wrestler was a joke and then proved it when he was unable to get a decisive victory over Randy Orton or hold on to the WWE Championship for more than 24 hours.

Why anyone on the booking team thought this was an appropriate way to book someone is truly a riddle for the ages. And, thus, Bryan became yet another failed main eventer on an already depressingly long list. 

So, when people say WWE desperately needs Cena right now, they aren't kidding. He's the only real full-time star left.

The prospect of the wrestler finally being overwhelmed by physical problems and being forced to take some real time off, or even retire, must be a daunting one indeed for Vince McMahon and friends.