You'll Never Guess Who These Athletes Have Dated

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistNovember 15, 2013

You'll Never Guess Who These Athletes Have Dated

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    One thing that's a serious perk of being a professional athlete—besides the fortune, fame and, if lucky, a championship—are the copious amounts of women who instantly become available to date.

    Going from ugly duckling to Prince Charming, once the athlete is seen shaking it in the club, the girls come flocking.

    That's not to say that every lady goes for the gold digger label, but it seems there are more than less that do.

    With that in mind, I'm giving you a few athlete relationships that you may or may not remember every actually happening—yet did.

    So just like your ex's, let's take a look at some relationships a few athletes may want to forget.

Honorable Mention: Manti Te'o and Lennay Kekua

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    To all you Manti Te'o fans out there—are there any even left these days?—I apologize for the low blow here, but I just couldn't help myself.

    We presumably all know what happened with Te'o and his, ahem, "girlfriend," Lennay Kekua, so I'm adding this one in as a shocker that yes, arguably the biggest star in college football last year didn't just resort to online dating, but also got played while doing so.

Matt Harvey and Anne Vyalitsyna

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    If for some reason you haven't taken notice, the Mets' Matt Harvey has proven himself to be somewhat of a stud over the past year.

    Not only did he get a chance to start this year's All-Star Game in his home stadium, but he showed he has a great sense of humor while hitting the streets too.

    Oh yeah, and now he's dating supermodel Anne V.—who used to date former Knicks forward, David Lee.

    Harvey might be out with a busted shoulder, but he's got a sweet little lady to help him through the recovery process.

Brian Urlacher and Paris Hilton

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    One is an heiress who is known for her partying ways, while the other is a future Hall of Fame linebacker who helped set the tone for the Chicago Bears for over a decade.

    How former All-Pro 'backer Brian Urlacher and socialite Paris Hilton didn't last is a complete shock to me—I'm guessing Urlacher wasn't such a fan of the "Hilton Rewards"—though he did have a hilarious response to Paris' porn she filmed.

Chris Webber and Tyra Banks

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    This one isn't a surprise—given that it was one of the most famous athlete-celeb couples in a long time—but the relationship between former baller Chris Webber and model Tyra Banks seems to get forgotten about now that the trend is so prominent.

    Going strong for nearly three years while C-Web was with the Sacramento Kings, the break-up probably shocked Banks a little bit, as I'm guessing she was "banking" on getting that ring from Webber at some point.

Mark Sanchez and Jamie Lynn Sigler

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    It must be pretty damn good to be Jets backup quarterback Mark Sanchez.

    While he must be bummed that he's injured and lost his starting job to rookie Geno Smith during a training camp battle, at least he has something that Geno doesn't—serious pull in the ladies department.

    Along with some of Sanchez's other girls, let's not forget he dated former Sopranos star, Jamie Lynn Sigler—who is five years older than the signal-caller.

Kelly Slater and Pamela Anderson

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    Kelly Slater is without a doubt, the most famous surfer on the planet, helping not only bring the sport into the mainstream, but also winning the ASP 11 times.

    So it only makes sense that he's able to pull some serious ace.

    That was the case when Slater was able to walk around with every mid-90s dudes' crush in Pamela Anderson.

    The pair were constantly on-again-off-again, so Kelly has talked about some of the things he learned from their 'ship.

Matt Leinart and Brynn Cameron

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    I put these two on here not because they're the biggest names out there—though, at one point, Matt Leinart was untouchable—or that I have an ongoing drunken fib that the former NFL quarterback is my cousin.

    They make it because Leinart's Baby Mama has suddenly found herself in the news for having another athlete able to claim the same thing—the Clippers' Blake Griffin—though they aren't together anymore either.

    The good news is that Blake helped Brynn's brother—Browns tight end Jordan Cameron—get some face time in a Nike ad a few years ago which may or may not have helped him get drafted.

Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian

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    Everyone knows that starlet Kim Kardashian's engaged to Kanye West now—and have a baby together with the God-awful name of Northwest—but let's reminisce when Kimmy dated Cowboys wideout Miles Simon back in 2010.

    They obviously didn't last, but this should be a sign to all NFL wide receivers—have a few breakout seasons, and you could possibly score a girl like Kim.

Serena Williams and Common

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    Serena Williams might come across as one of the most intense athletes on the planet, but she's still pretty attractive.

    So it's no surprise that she's been able to get herself a variety of guys over the years—which includes ex-NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson.

    Her relationship with rapper Common though is the one that has made her a little but, as she sent some Twitter anger to him after they broke up.

Aaron Voros and Jessica Stam

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    Former NHL player Aaron Voros might have only compiled a total of just 37 points in his four-year career, but he was still able to get some points from me, recognizing him here for the relationship he had with model Jessica Stam.

    He may not be anymore famous than you or me, but Voros was able to call a supermodel his girlfriend before.

Kobe Bryant and Brandy

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    These two may have appeared to just being prom dates, but Kobe Bryant and singer/actress Brandy's relationship is one date that most fans just can't seem to forget about.

    At the time, Kobe was still just a cocky senior in high school who courted the singer with a mack line only Kobe could actually appear cool, saying, "I'm the number one high school basketball player in the world, my name is Kobe Bryant."

    Kobe was the best closer in the game even before he was technically, in the game.

Tom Brady and Tara Reid

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    Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might have everything that a guy would want—Super Bowl rings, a family with a supermodel and a kid from another actress and millions of dollars—but it may have been different for the future Hall of Famer had he stuck with B-list actress, Tara Reid.

    At the time, Reid was at her peak, but seeing how far apart the two are now, it was a wise move they didn't end up together.

Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova

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    Sasha Vujacic might have millions in his bank account for being nothing more than a role player in the NBA, but his relationship with tennis star Maria Sharapova is one of a regular All-Star.

    The two may have called off their engagement—earning a sigh of relief from all dudes who think they actually stand a chance with Maria—but one can't forget that Sasha nearly had that on lockdown.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Marisa Miller

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    I kind of remember hearing rumors about NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and mega-hottie Marisa Miller dating nearly a decade ago, though I'm not sure the two ever actually talked about it.

    If this was actually true—which numerous accounts claim that it was—not holding onto the supermodel has to go down as the worst crash that "Junior" has ever had in his career.

Jarret Stoll and Rachel Hunter

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    For any guy who wants to know how to spit game the right way, let's all plead with L.A. Kings center Jarret Stoll through his Twitter to teach an online class, because he's pretty damn good at it.

    Currently dating every guy's sports crush, Erin Andrews, Stoll was locked in a relationship with model Rachel Hunter for a long time before moving on to E.A.

    Jarret was actually engaged to Hunter, meaning had he gone through with it, Erin could still be single for all of us other dudes.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

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    Man, I remember when Jessica Simpson was just about the hottest blonde on the face of the planet.

    It was freshman year of college in 2003 and there wasn't a dude on campus who didn't have her grace the background of their computer at least once during first semester.

    A few years later was when she dated Cowboys signal-caller Tony Romo—which just about blew up old Cowboys Stadium when she was in attendance.

    It didn't last, but they still gave us some good memories, didn't they?

Dwight Howard and Mary Carey

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    This is one that Rockets center Dwight Howard probably isn't too proud of.

    For all you guys out there who claim to be unfamiliar with Mary Carey, here's a simple job description without being too vulgar—she gets paid to get filmed having sex.

    It's not that D12 should be ashamed of dating a porn star—that seriously sounds like a dream come true—but it was his endless pursuit of her that might be a little regrettable.

    I wonder why this didn't work out?

Alex Rodriguez and Madonna

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    If there's one thing most sports fans know about Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, it's that he's quite the head case.

    So if an opposing fan wants to make him feel uncomfortable, doing something like flashing a Madonna face might just work great wonders.


    Because A-Rod had a somewhat regrettable relationship with the pop star, allegedly having an affair with her that caused his then wife to leave him.

    That might be some serious stuff, yet leave it to Ozzie Guillen to make light of it, blaming Madonna for Rodriguez's suspension.

    I've heard of some crazy sports curses before, so is it time to add dating Madonna on there?

Dwyane Wade and Star Jones

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    What in Sam Hill is going on here?

    A multimillion dollar athlete who, at the time, had a championship ring on his finger couldn't do better than Star Jones?

    Sure, Dwyane Wade admitted on live TV that the two were just, "good friends," with a, "great, great relationship," but one can tell by the TNT guys' reactions that they didn't believe Wade one bit.

    Thankfully, D-Wade has since moved on to hottie actress, Gabrielle Union these days.