Power Ranking All of Big Show's WWE Title Feuds

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 14, 2013

Power Ranking All of Big Show's WWE Title Feuds

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    Big Show feuds for the WWE Championship have been short-lived, intense and marked by broken rings and tables.

    "The World's Largest Athlete" is pursuing that title once more, caught up in a litigious, personal feud with Randy Orton and Triple H. It's only fitting that this leads to a match at Survivor Series.

    That event has been at the center of several of his championship rivalries.

    It was at the 1999 edition of the pay-per-view that Big Show first won the WWE Championship. Survivor Series was also home to his second time with the belt, thanks to Paul Heyman abandoning Brock Lesnar in 2002.

    The shortness of his title reigns has led to a small number of feuds over that championship. He's been whisked in and out of the title picture and often involved in crowded, multi-person rivalries.

    The best of his feuds as WWE champ or challenger are ranked here based on the entertainment value of the story and the quality of the matches that resulted from the clashes with his enemies. 

6. The Undertaker, 1999

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    This battle of big men ended much too soon.

    As The Union and The Corporate Ministry collided, so did Big Show and The Undertaker. The most famous moment of their short feud came on June, 7, 1999 on Raw. In a WWE title match, Big Show sent Undertaker crashing through the ring, inspiring Jim Ross to say that he'd chokeslammed him "all the way to Hell."

    Rather than build on the budding hatred between these two, WWE instead chose to pair them up.

    Big Show and Undertaker formed "The Unholy Alliance" and went on to twice win the WWE tag team titles. More matches together and a longer story would have had these enemies-turned-allies ranked much higher on this list.

5. CM Punk, 2012

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    Big Show was the proverbial third wheel in the feud between John Cena and CM Punk. "The World's Largest Athlete" only got a single shot at the title, a Triple Threat match at SummerSlam 2012 with Punk and Cena.

    When Cena tried to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Punk at Raw 1000, it was Big Show who made him the first man in WWE history to lose after cashing in. AJ Lee later set up the SummerSlam Triple Threat bout.

    Punk survived that battle by outsmarting his opponents and the rivalry shifted its focus to Cena alone.

    The brevity of this story and the fact that he was not the centerpiece of it has this feud rank behind some of Big Show's best. It's climactic match was far more high-profile than the one between him and Undertaker. That helps his rivalry with Punk edge out the one with "The Deadman."

4. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, 2005

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    Big Show didn't battle with John "Bradshaw" Layfield over the WWE Championship for long, but their feud was an intense and compelling one.

    At Royal Rumble 2005, JBL had his goons keep Big Show out of the ring as the loud-mouthed Texan pinned Kurt Angle to win the Triple Threat match. JBL ducked the big man as long as he could, but soon found himself in a cage covered in barbed wire, battling Big Show.

    It wasn't either man's best bout, but the bloody match ended in memorable fashion as Big Show chokeslammed JBL through the ring who then crawled out from under the cage to win.

    JBL soon moved on to a match against John Cena while Big Show was asked to sumo wrestle at WrestleMania.

    A longer, more dramatic story puts this ahead of his feud with CM Punk, but behind a man he hasn't stepped in the ring with for the WWE title yet.

3. Randy Orton, 2013

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    This story has been more about Triple H and Big Show's issues, and Big Show's contract turned out to be more cardboard-clad than iron-clad, but this has been a feud a long time in the making, one that has high stakes and has already produced some big, memorable moments.

    Randy Orton led a beatdown of the big man once the match had been announced and the next week Big Show sent Orton flying through an announce table.

    That adds to all the clashes the two men had during Daniel Bryan's feud with Orton. A win for the Big Show at Survivor Series would not only net him the WWE Championship, it would weaken The Authority's power, damaging Triple H's reign.

    The intensity and how much this has showcased Big Show has it surpass some of his past feuds before the first Orton vs. Big Show title bout occurs.


2. Triple H 1999-2000

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    Over a decade before Big Show threatened to sue Triple H, those two battled over the WWE Championship.

    This is the lengthiest of Big Show's title feuds, but also among the most crowded. The Rock, Mick Foley and a gaggle of McMahons were involved at one point.

    Big Show first won the belt from Triple H in a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series 1999. Triple H won it back less than two months later on Raw. Add the Six-Pack Challenge that preceded Survivor Series and the Fatal 4-Way at WrestleMania 2000 and it's clear that this rivalry delivered its share of action.

    It never seemed to focus on just Triple H and Big Show alone for long, though.

    That's why the top spot on this list goes to another foe, a man who matched power and destructiveness with the giant.

1. Brock Lesnar, 2002-2003

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    From the ring imploding to Paul Heyman turning on his client, Brock Lesnar versus Big Show was the big man's most memorable and more thrilling WWE title feud.

    This was the story of two angry behemoths crashing into each other time and time again. Heyman's betrayal was one of many plot twists the narrative took, including Lesnar helping Kurt Angle defeat Big Show by nailing the giant with a steel chair.

    It produced the best matches of any of his WWE Championship feuds by far.

    Judgement Day 2005 saw them battle in a Stretcher match and at Vengeance 2003, Big Show, Lesnar and Angle all tangled for the WWE title, resulting in one of the greatest matches in Big Show's career. Orton and Big Show are going to need a handful of excellent bouts to surpass what Lesnar and Big Show did.