Ten Minutes With Kansas City's Mark Bradley

TJ GerrityCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

Mark Bradley joined this Kansas City team in September last year, and made his first appearance in week seven against the Titans. He made an immediate and impressive impact on the offense, as he caught a touchdown in three of his first six games before suffering from injuries to both calf muscles.

If given the chance to interview him, I would have several questions to ask him about both his NFL and college playing experience.

(1) How do you think Todd Haley's background in wide receivers will help you this year? Do you think he can help you reach that next level as a player?

(2) What can you gain from an experienced wide receiver like Bobby Engram being here in Kansas City?

(3) How does this team replace the offensive leadership lost with the trade of Tony Gonzalez?

(4) What do you think the acquisition of Matt Cassel brings to this team?

(5) The pass you threw last year to Tyler Thigpen against the Buccaneers was the most memorable play of the entire season for Chiefs fans, what was going through your mind when Jamaal Charles tossed you that ball?

(6) You had a unique path in becoming a Sooner, playing two years at Arkansas-Pine Bluff before walking on at Oklahoma, and eventually earning a scholarship. How has that route changed the way you play the game?

(7) You and your father both played in the Orange Bowl while attending the University of Oklahoma. What was it like playing in that game and experiencing what your father did 20 years prior?

(8) You were called the "best athlete on the team" by coach Bob Stoops while at Oklahoma, and you played quarterback, cornerback, and wide receiver in high school. How did you come to decide your future in football was at wide receiver?

(9) As a former Oklahoma Sooner, how heartbreaking was it to watch the NCAA Championship game against Florida this past year?

(10) You played against teammate Derrick Johnson in college while he was playing for your rival, Texas. You got the the better of him in the red river rivalry both years you attended Oklahoma, have you given him a hard time about that?