TNA Sacrifice 2009 Review Part 6: A Spectacular Tag Team Match

James TriggsCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

This is part of my TNA Sacrifice 2009 Review Series. If you have read the first part, welcome back! If you are new to the series, you will find a summary of my ranking system in the first part.


Wondering whether the event is worth it to see a replay or the DVD? Wondering about the effectiveness of the show? Not everyone sees PPV's, so some the analysis here could be useful.

Continuation of the Review:


Team 3D Tag Team Invitation video package airs. Lauren interviews Team 3D, who had a good interview.


Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Tournament Finals:


Team 3D comes down to the ring to a nice reaction. “Are they coming down here? I hope not.” goes Don West, which added a bit more colour when he followed with blatant praise for them when they joined the announce table. He seems particularly wary of Brother Devon who sits behind him.


Beer Money gets a bit of a pop from the crowd and its great hearing Team 3D praise them not just about ‘being the future’ but for what they are doing now, which they do more of than before. They also discuss the British Invasion and do praise them as well, instead of just criticising their actions.


Storm pours some beer into the trophy, a nice touch. It would have been better if Team 3D had done something with, to make it into a bit of a passing of the torch moment.


We have “USA” chants from the get-go and the crowd reaction is much better than the preceding matches.


Doug Williams adds variety with fast rolls and some nice airborne moves. In general there was great variety of moves used.. The pace is faster now then the preceding matches as well. We have “The Brits suck” chants and they work the crowd well.


This match has some nice commentary:

Brother Ray: “If ass-kissing was an Olympic sport, Don West would win gold, silver and bronze.”


Later on in response to Brother Ray’s comment about how great it is to be part of a company where tag team wrestling is alive and well,

Don West: “I agree…that’s a fantastic point…you’re dead on.”

Mike Tenay: “We saw that one coming, didn’t we...”


Ray then talks about Doug Williams.

Don West: “I agree. Great point.”

Brother Ray: “Is there anything you do but agree with me? What’s wrong with you?”

Don West: “You’re right, you’re right, I’ve always…”

Brother Ray: “How do you listen to this guy all day long?”

Mike Tenay: “It’s tough.”

Brother Devon mimicking Don West: “Great point.”


Banter like this helps as long as the commentary don’t neglect what is happening on screen. Jim Ross keeps people entertained with his comments and this banter does something similar. It may not make the match come alive, but it can help with character development and when you enjoy what you here, you also enjoy what you see more.


There is more of this banter throughout the match, but never enough that the focus is off the wrestlers in the match.


Having this match now is great as it puts a big focus on the tag team division. TNA would do well to keep this up. In addition, this quality match is great for setting up for later matches which now have an expectation of quality to them as well.


This match was also great in how this match has a rejuvenated quality. It refreshes you when you watch, which is great if one is viewing the whole event in one go. This also helped the crowd to refocus for the next matches.


Selling is where this match isn’t high-quality, but in this match that didn’t affect it to much. In a match like this the only selling that could really be done without having negative effects would be to do sophisticated selling. Very few performers period would have been able to do the right selling for this match.


Both teams were pitch-perfect in their roles. Despite how new they are, The British Invasion worked very well as a team and they were put over in this match, a great strategy for the long-term as well as the short-term.


This match is the first of the night to truly have a big match feel to it. There is a great spot where Storm is skinning the cat and Roode gives him some beer.


There is good teamwork and Beer Money uses heel tactics in the manner of faces. On this night, Beer Money is fully supported, which is great because they are a centrepiece of TNA’s tag team division and they need to be over as a great tag team.


The crowd really wants the “BEER!” “MONEY!” taunt they do so well. They try to do it on several occasions and do it rather loudly when they just stand around when the ring has been cleared.


The crowd really joins in when they do it and this is an example of a taunt that works to great effect.


I think this match was better than the X Division match as there was a better atmosphere and a stronger crowd response. There were less “oohh” moments, but still a good dose of them, with more psychological elements. This was an exciting, fun tag match that stands out in this PPV.


There is a “We want Bobby” chant later on. This is a high-quality match and it is highly enjoyable. This match is among the better tag team matches there has been in this year to date, along with the match Beer Money had with Team 3D last month.


There weren’t any “This is awesome” chants not because it didn’t fit that bill, but because time was used so well and the crowd was so involved that they didn’t have time to chant it. It was cheering, or other minor chants that filled this match.


If Beer Money can stay this consistent with quality, they will become bigger stars than they already are and TNA’s tag team division will be benefited even more than it already has been.


There is a great reaction when Rob Terry is expelled from ringside. He is accompanied by that “Hey…goodbye” chant.


There were twists and turns and through it more, its still made perfect sense. This match has a great pace and had contrast. This match is hard to complain about because it worked great on many levels.


This match is simply put, a success. Yes, sophisticated selling wasn’t involved or other technical aspects which would have improved the match and possibly made it a classic, but as far as entertainment and storyline advancement goes, this is really a great match.


Post-match was short but sweet and absolutely appropriate.


The Score:

Placement: 8.8- Well above average

Crowd Response: 9.4- Truly great, with some minor flaws

Relevance: 10- Practically perfect

Pacing 8.6- Well above average

Selling: 5.7- Average

Cohesion: 8.4- Well above average

Timing: 8.2- Well above average

Moves: 9.5- Truly great, with some minor flaws

Entertainment Value: 9.6- Truly great, with some minor flaws

The Test of Time: 9.6- Truly great, with some minor flaws


Overall: 87.8- Spectacular tag team match, all the more so since a new team in The British Invasion played their roles perfectly. Everything came together. Not quite a classic, but an excellent match.


The Impact:


TNA have done great work in putting over The British Invasion. This match was superb in that it is helping TNA’s tag team division to grow by really showing the capabilities of The British Invasion.


After this match, they have earned their spot.


TNA is doing good as promoting Beer Money as equals with Team 3D. They are certainly equals and I think Beer Money is doing better than Team 3D is doing right now.


TNA is showing promise in perhaps keeping tag team wrestling as a focus, which would be great. Now, if only the same can be done for the X Division and improvement to the Knockouts Division (which looks like it is already happening with Sarah Stock a.k.a. Sarista and Ayako Hamada being signed and the use of Daffney- it’s too early for me to comment on the latest addition who has a similar deal to Lashley. How that works out in practice has yet to be seen.)


Beer Money is one of the best teams in the world today. This phrase is thrown around a lot, including by people who don’t actually see what teams in other promotions and other nations do, but I can confirm Beer Money is one of the best. For real. They can become truly big stars if used right.


If Beer Money can become really big stars than when Team 3D is gone, Beer Money is more than capable of putting over other tag teams-like what happened here tonight.


If Beer Money can fulfil their potential, they can truly put tag team wrestling back on the map as far as TNA goes. Remember, Team 3D are associated with other promotions, but Beer Money truly represent TNA.


The success of Beer Money on a scale teams like America’s Most Wanted, the Amazing Phenomenon and Triple X never achieved would prove that TNA can make big tag teams and can lead to increased interest by tag teams in that promotion.


That then creates a cycle where the increased interest leads to maintaining the division which leads to further interest- provided nobody stuffs up. If TNA can become known for great tag team wrestling, then there will be more people interested in TNA overall.


People can tune in for one thing and then can get hooked on the entire product.


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