San Francisco Giants: Is Tim Lincecum Back to Cy Young Form?

Rocky YipContributor IMay 27, 2009

Is Tim Lincecum back to his Cy Young form, from last year?  After 10 games, Lincecum is 4-1 with a 3.03ERA. Note the following about this player:

-Ranks first in NL with 84K
-Ranks fourth in NL with 65 1/3IP
-Ranks 11th in NL with 3.03ERA

My researches shows the following:

-Lincecum has not allowed a HR for the last eight games.
-Lincecum has not allowed more than 3BB per game.
-11.6K/9IP, the best in MLB.

Early in the season, some said that Tim Lincecum will be figured out by the opponents by this season, marking another fluke year for a Cy Young winner. 

From the moment he was drafted to the present, I have paid extra attentions to Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum. 

I would say Tim Lincecum is back to Cy Young form after watching him pitch tonight. He shows life to his fastball, and his change-up had been the most effective strikeout pitch for him. Chipper Jones struck out twice tonight, by Lincecum's change-ups. 

Timmy is dominating the NL, and perhaps he will be an All-Star for the Giants once again this year. It's still only May; if Uggla arrives for the Giants, with more run support, the Giants' pitching staff can excel, and give the starting pitching more wins.

Tonight's line for Lincecum:
Eight IP, Eight SO, Two BB, 122 pitches, 74 for strikes (W).