WWE WTF: Paul Heyman and CM Punk Having Lunch Together, Jerry Lawler and More

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WTF are Paul Heyman and CM Punk doing having lunch together? Just how country is Raw going to be next week? If a leaked video of Jerry Lawler preparing for Raw was taken down by WWE and nobody can see it, does the King ever really prepare for Raw?

A video was leaked by a YouTube user of announcers preparing for Raw. Lawler has developed a reputation for winging it on commentary, which is a testament to both his talent and his irreverence. The video was taken down by WWE. This renders actual footage of Jerry Lawler in preparation mode a thing of legend comparable to obscure footage of the Loch Ness monster.

WWE has announced a country-themed episode of Raw next week. The show is sure to offend as much as entertain, with endless Southern stereotypes sure to be exploited. A country episode just won’t sound right without Jim Ross on the call.

Fans who take their wrestling too seriously won’t be pleased with a newly surfaced photo of CM Punk, Paul Heyman, AJ Lee and Curtis Axel all enjoying lunch together. CM Punk will always be a Paul Heyman guy behind the camera, but their ongoing feud in front of the camera makes this visual newsworthy.

All this and more on a highly commercialized edition of WWE WTF.

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