Toronto Blue Jays- Losing Eight Made Easy

Ian HunterCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2017

You know how Slick Rick said pimpin' ain't easy? Well the Blue Jays are making losing eight easy.

See what I just did there kids? That's called a pun; my grade nine English teacher would be proud that I actually used a literary device properly for once!

After losing eight straight, the Blue Jays are starting to make it look easy. Even facing a rookie pitcher in his first career start, the Blue Jays couldn't muster up more than two runs.

It's been the same story for the last eight games: the Jays can't hit with runners in scoring position. It's as simple as that, yet for some reason it's a mountain of an obstacle to overcome.

It was good to see that Cito finally decided to "shake things up" by rearranging the lineup card. But why the hell would Cito choose to bench Alex Rios?

Although part of the problem, Rios isn't the worst offender when it comes to leaving men on base, or grounding into a rally-killing double play. Those honours go to Vernon Wells and Adam Lind.

Ricky Romero (or RR Cool J as he is becoming known as) was a little rusty tonight, but I guess that's what you'd expect from someone who has missed the last three to four weeks after going on the disabled list.

Yet again, the starting pitching for the Blue Jays wasn't a huge cause for concern.

In the end, it was the same story it has been for the past week: hits minus clutch at bats, times eight, equals no wins for you.